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Plan B, Go Back to A

What happens when Plan A doesn't work?

I go the back-up plan.

Plan B.

Plan B is simple.

Loopback to Plan A.

There is no settling.

Get back up, do it again, and again, and again.

It doesn't take a few weeks or even a few years to transform thousands of women's lives.

It doesn't take a few launches and a couple of trades on the share market to build limitless wealth.

It takes years, even a lifetime.

It's a commitment for forever.

To play at this level is an ultra-marathon.

It's not a jog in the park.

Yes, it's fun, but sometimes it's not.

Sometimes it's dark, shitty, and lonely.

Sometimes the results don't come.

So when you decide to 'go to plan B'

You lower your standards.

You decide on just enough.

Perfect creative expression is for the weekend.

Limitless wealth is for another life time.

You'll take a few aliments because god-level health is beyond you now.

But all that won't last.

Because in a moment, a day, a week, or even in a few years you'll remember who you are again, that you are the child of God.

That you came here to experience magnitude, vastness, and perfection.

That burning desire is too hot to ignore.

So just head back to Plan A now, it will save you time.

Accept that there is no plan B and get back up.

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