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Presence is the anti-dote

It starts with the energetics.

Everything we see is energy brought into physical form.

We are constantly creating the physical through our emotions and thoughts.

Every thought and every emotion carrying an energetic frequency.

It's not to push away that which feels heavy and dark in fear of manifesting that. It's going into it when it arrives to see there is nothing behind it, and it dissolves.

It's not about faking, it's about being honest, being real, and exploring it, in the exploration space will be found.

Presence is the anti-dote. Presence is the bringing the sub-conscious to the conscious, giving the power direction.

Desiring not from a place of lack but from a place of play, of creativity.

When it's from lack we put 'it' out there and us far away from it.

When it comes from play it comes to us here and now. Everything feels possible here and it is.

This is the place where time can be collapsed and desires are brought in without any steps in the physical. Yet it does take a shift in terms of energetics, which often looks like an action in the physical first.

As my partner said to me today 'Baby we are going so high. We are breaking through the stratosphere into the G-Spot of the universe'

Big gentile energy.

But, if we are not able to hold it won't stay around for long. Think about lottery winners who soon end up with nothing.

The relationship, the money, the business, the body, to keep it and grow it, for it to get better and better you have to be able to hold it by being the kind of person who already has those things.

How would you be showing up if you already had it?

When I realised living a self-actualised life was more about energy then it was about doing, that when I became a clean clear void time collapsed and it arrived here and now, that's when dramatic shifts happened in my life.

I will workshop uncovering your souls direction for 2022 and beyond, the aligned action to take, time paradox and cosmic intelligence. This is what we will be doing in Cosmic Direction. Once you open up the porthole to the infinite it's impossible to not reach the cosmic G-Spot.

To register send me a message, I have no sales page for this one, it's $111 early bird and goes to $222 on Monday. We start Dec 11 with 5 days of masterclasses and homeplay. This is an investment in the greatest asset you'll ever have- yourself.

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