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Soul Money

Soul money baby...

Money that comes in while you're being you...

Not the money that comes in from manipulating, contorting and pushing.

Not the money that comes from doing shit that feels icky, that feels draining, that makes you feel like you need a holiday.

I call this trickery money.

Not only money is equal.

Just like calories. If you are only looking at numbers, then the 7/11 cheeseburger is equal to the home-made plant-based burger made from homegrown ingredients....

But it's not the same, it doesn't feel the same, and it's going to give you a very different result in shaping the quality of your life.

I used to think the only way to make money was by doing something, being someone, selling something that wasn't me.

That I had to be tricky about it, that I had to strategise for it, that I had to fight for it, and good god I had to hold onto it tightly when it did come my way because it might find out that I'm a fraud and leave and never come back.

Then I said fuck it, I wouldn't do it anymore, I wouldn't force myself to do something or be someone that I was not.

If that meant I'd be poor well so be it...but I knew deep down that wasn't my truth, that I was meant to have a lot of money...

I dropped the charade. I did what I what do if money wasn't in the equation, because it wasn't. I literally had no idea how I would pay next months rent, but I decided to fully commit to me being me & that was more important than paying the bills.

But then money started to flow in.

Soul money.

Money that flows in from me just being me.

The numbers might look similar, but it feels sexy, it feels sensual.

I don't need to hold on tightly to money anymore because I know money loves me for me, it will come and go as it pleases, and it comes more than it goes.

PS- School of Money just launched. This will be my only live and ongoing program for the foreseeable future (or until I decide it's not)...Combine practical money management with abundance of money mindset to call in massive soul money and know exactly how to manage it...Click here to find out more.

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