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Put your bikinis on we are knocking out the walls of your dry money pool

You can come back from anything.

Nothing is set in stone.

It only becomes set in our mind, and we freeze it like an old photograph.

When we freeze it we cut off all the space of potential.

We confine it to a box, 'it's like this and that's the way it always will be'.

Let's take money.

Most people look at how much they have right now, they have a pool of money, perhaps a very dry one, and they confine in to a container.

When I ask you what does your pool of wealth look like, what do you see?

Likely you see some numbers to represent the amount in your bank account and maybe a few assets thrown into the image.

Maybe you've also include the money you expect to earn in that container. But most don't even do that.

So when most people think about spending money they either:

Spend totally unconsciously, afraid to look at the pool, they spend like a hot potato before the 'responsible self' rains them in, often with a slap of guilt and regret that they end up making up for the repercussions for the majority of their life. And it repeats in the cycle, spending quickly, now pay for it with your tail between your legs.


They are discipline with spending, hello proud 'spend-thrifts', perhaps they have a budget, they certainly don't 'waste' money on designer items, or luxury goods, unless the quality is beyond so it 'will last forever'. They save, they are cautious about investing.

Both of these ways to relate to money as a limited finite source. Where spending is the main 'issue' of wealth growth.


Your problem is not that you spend too much, it's that you haven't learnt to open the flood gates and access infinite money.

You keep your walls up tight, cautious about spending, not realising that the walls are actually blocking the flood of money which is an infinite energetic force.

I find it so ironic that when someone wants to access wealth, but yet does the same things they've always done. 'Maybe next year, when I have more time and more money, will I then start to step into learning about wealth'.

You do realise what you're saying?

I'll wait until I feel wealthy, and then I'll do the work.

Ummm no.

Yesterday I was speaking to someone about School of Money they said 'I've been thinking about doing the program but I don't have the money or the time right now'

Ahhhh ok.

And you never will.

Because it's a limited view that that money, and time, is limited.

It won't change unless you consciously decide to change it.

It won't matter how much money you make. It won't matter how many things you complete.

It will still feel dry & like it's not enough.

I've worked with clients who earn 7 figures, and they still didn't have enough.

I've been around people who have no commitments, nothing to really do, yet they still fill time with chaotic nothingness.

What you've been taught about wealth is wrong.

It's not about accumulating and holding on tightly.

It's about understanding how it works and letting it work for you with ease.

It's about knocking out the walls and opening yourself up to possibility.

It's shifting your perspective away from the problems and into the void where everything exists.

Where it's all malleable and transient.

Where it's possible right now for you to make $10,000 in a minute. Not through crypt currency you idiots, I love you all.

It has nothing to do with waiting for the right time, waiting to fill up your box, waiting to get your ducks lined up.

But it has everything to do with deciding.

In School of Money we blow up the paradigms of everything you thought you knew about wealth & freedom. Yes you will learn how to manage & master money, but beyond that you'll tap into the well of infinite wealth that is already here you just forgot how to access it.

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