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Put your money where your mouth is

I plan on being wealth as f**k. I’m doing it by investing in companies that reduce our footprint & contribute to good along the way….and yes they still make money.

Societal value and financial performance are NOT mutually exclusive.

Companies that exists not just to make a profit but also to benefit the environment, society and governance (ESG) are the future.

Think about Nike.

For decades the consumer had no idea, or perhaps didn’t care to know, about the child labour used to produce the kicks we were wearing.

In 1996 everything started to change.

Life magazine published a story that included a photograph of a child stitching footballs that carried the Nike logo. There was a huge backlash from us, the consumer.

Nike have since made a commitment to not just fair labour but to take action towards environmental and social targets in new sustainability.

Nike is now more often to be found on the front foot when it comes to matters of integrity. For instance, when boxer Manny Pacquiao made anti-gay comments during a media interview, Nike dissolved its partnership with him the very next day.

Acting with integrity is something that the public now demand. Go Nike.

Impact investing was once considered a fringe concept, but our generation have strong values & beliefs, we don’t just talk about these issues we take a stand with our purchasing power, we eat less meat, we buy ESG products & we lobby for equal rights.

You’re likely supporting businesses that profit from destroying the environment, detain asylum seekers, and are involved in war and gambling.

If you have not opted to invest in ethical investments in super you are invested in these businesses. The good news is that ESG investing is now readily available and producing attractive returns.

In fact a study by BlackRock found that ESG companies actually outperform traditional companies across the US, World (ex-Us) & Emerging Markets.

I give my members a choice to invest traditionally or ethically, 100% have chosen to go ethical and over last 12 months the portfolios have returned 14%.

ESG is here for the long-term my friends, this is the future.

If we care about the future, we MUST invest in companies that fit into the kind of future we want to live in.

Just do it.

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