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Relationships & money: ladies you need to sort your shit out!

Why the fuck do women still have less wealth on average than men? Yes I get that many women have children and they step out of the workforce, but whoever is the stay at home parent should be paid by the other partner because it's a JOB. It should be there money to do what they please with. Not payments just to buy the household stuff, that's part of the JOB, that's a seperate thing, that should have a seperate account. There should be another payment going to the stay-at-home partner into an account that is theirs to do whatever they please do with it that is not related to the JOB as the house & child manager. This account should be in their own name and should not be checked by the other partner. And money should be allocated to their own personal retirement fund. I know some people just share everything, but often when I speak to the stay-at-home partner they feel guilty about spending any money on themselves, so they don't, and this is where the downward spiral of becoming totally identified as a parent & a partner comes in. There is nothing left for the individual. But they are ultimately a sovereign being, with desires, potential, and genius. But it gets squashed when there is no space for them to be them. The way money is distributed, talked about, and held onto is a motif for the control balance. And in a relationship control is what kills the beauty, liberation & space. The new way forward is for relationships to be inter-dependent. This includes the distribution of money cleanly, without attachments, without resentments. No more trying to control through money, or any form. By the way dominance & submission is a different game, that's play. I've met women who were misserable but felt like they could not leave the relationship because they had no financial assets, yet they had been married for years and had children together. They had to ask their husband for money if they wanted to buy a new dress for themselves. WTF! If money is clean, there is more space, when there is more space, there is more play with in the relationship, when there is more play it has more of a chance to actually be transformative. When each individual is sovereign and owns that sovereignty. In terms of women who work, I don't buy into the story that women earn less than men. Of course stats say this is the case and I've had personal experiences of being paid less than my colleague who had the same role & less qualifications than me. But that ain't my story anymore, I don't resonate with it, and I will not be part of the statistics. We get to be empowered to say 'no' . We get to be empowered to make our own path and decide our own stories. I'm big on working for myself because I have total independence and my income is totally based on me, plus I'm a terrible employee. This story changes now. Women get your shit together! Ask for what you want and need, and say no if it doesn't feel liberating. Bringing men down won't do any good, it's not up to them. It's up to you to decide that you get to be wealthy and independent as an individual. And forgods sake learn about money! Learn about investing NOT crypto- legit investment principles. Get your accounts cleaned up. Pay off any debt. Build up your long term assets. Stop taking what you are given and start creating it to yourself. Up level your business, start treating it like business rather than a hobby. You want to be taken seriously? You want serious wealth? Then up-level yourself, no one else will do it for you. Stop acting like a small child waiting for other people to give you handouts. Sort your shit out ladies, so I have more friends to live in luxury with.

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