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Resourcefulness is more important than resources

What do you want?

I want to be free you say.

I want to have life on my terms.

I don't want to settle.

I want to have all the things, the money, I want to be appreciated, I want to have the beautiful home, I want to have a loving relationship, I want to be healthy & fit.

If I asked you right now what has stopped you from having all of these things, what would you say?

Maybe you don't have the money to make money, you don't have the right people in your life who appreciate you for you, you weren't given the opportunities that others were, you haven't found the right person yet, or you're too busy to work out & eat right.

While those stories can be true. That's all they are.... a story.

The difference between someone who has all the things and someone who doesn't? It has absolutely nothing to do with resources.

There are plenty of people who started with nothing, they grew up in a poverty, didn't have an ivy league education, and ended up building multi-million & billion-dollar businesses.

There are plenty of people who work 70 hours and still treat their body like a temple and take the time to work out. 

There are plenty of people who have been sexually assaulted, who have been abused, who have lost everything & rebuilt, they have had it really tough but yet they are happy, they are crusaders, they love, they make plenty of money & have loving relationships. 

The difference is not in resources.

The difference is resourcefulness.

How you use what you have to your advantage. How you choose to see a different story, one that supports growth & abundance.

It's ok to be in pain, to be hurt, but is this story serving you? 

No one is coming to save you.

You're the only one that has a choice to either stay stuck, or you can rise above it and choose to be in peace & joy, choose to see the abundance that is already all around you.

You think that you've had it hard? You have.

But that gets to make you more resilient, more grateful, more compassionate. 

Don't close your heart and close your self off to the possibility of greatness. The world needs you.

The universe always has your back, it does not punish you for the past. It sees you as beautiful, whole & powerful.

See yourself from the eyes that the universe sees you.

The thing is, it's easy to be rich, it's easy to have all the things.

What is rarer, is someone who is willing to be happy irrespective of 'all the things', someone who is willing to take responsibility for their emotions, who is willing to change the way they relate to their stories. Who is willing to see the greatness in themselves and in others.

Sometimes people say to me 'you can't always be positive, sometimes you need to be realistic'.

I'm not being positive, I'm being a visionary.

Being 'realistic' is based on what we knew & who we were a moment ago, it's based the story we believe is real. While I won't argue that your suffering is not real, I will say it's real because you decide it to be real.

That there is always another side, even more than another side, there is a broader perspective.

When you zoom out, you see that suffering is not necessary. 

Yet some are not willing to release their blame & story because it allows them to hide behind it, blaming the story for not succeeding.

Because actually they are afraid to admit that if they go for it......if they release the story and then if they still fail they'll now have nothing to blame, it will only be themselves.

But can you see that this is keeping you small? That you are cutting off your possibilities? That you've already decided that you are not good enough? That you're relying on the outcome to determine your worth?

Your worth is not determined by anything or anyone.

You are a child of god, of the universe, you are whole and perfect as you are.

Don't hold yourself back, not because you need to 'achieve or to succeed' to be fully expanded, but because you don't have to suffer, you are suffering by keeping yourself small.

Rise up, and fall, and rise again, and fall, and rise again.

There is no end to the pattern, the pattern is the play with life.

Let yourself fall, it might hurt, but it won't hurt as much as staying in a cage that you've put yourself in, and when you fly...... well, you will see that you are always free.

PS- I'm feeling into about running another 101 investment programs for those interested in building investment portfolios & learning about the share market without all the BS info, keeping it simple & effective. Watch this space.

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