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Results are like Cats

Results are like cats. They'll decide when they want to come to you. If you want a cat to sit on your lap, you pretend like you're totally agnostic to what it does. You acknowledge it and let it be as it gets comfortable and shifts around on your lap. You certainly do not try calling it over, perhaps it will come and see if you have any snacks, but as soon as it realises you want it to stay with you, it will likely leave. If it does make it to your lap and you get too excited; patting it too much, focusing on it too much, it will leave. Pretty much you have no control over a cat. You cannot train a cat unless it wants to be trained. You cannot make a cat lie down and relax in a certain spot. The cat will probably avoid you if you try and make it do anything at all. I observe how cats seemed to like those who are totally unaffected by what the cat is doing or where it is, while still having respect for the cat. The subtle art of the cat magnetizer. Cats certainly don't like those who spend all their attention focused on it. Cats are just like results. Do you want a certain result? In my experience, acknowledge it, respect it, and then let it go. Feel into how you'd be showing up as if you already had the result. If I already knew the cat would eventually sit on my lap I would be present with what I was doing, I wouldn't chase it around the house. I'd let it come to me when it was ready. For sure I'd make my lap look extra comfy. Just like I open the doors for the results to come in. It's kind of like someone coming to me wondering why they're not earning consistent money from their business, yet they have no offers at all available. You need to open the door to receive. But I don't obsess about when the cat is going to sit on my lap, I continue to do my thing. I don't even change what I'm doing for the cat, I still do exactly what I want to do. And I certainly don't just sit in the chair waiting. I play, I stretch, I make food. Then without even thinking about it, the cat is interacting with me, while I'm doing other things too, more cat love yay!! But don't get too excited or I'll scare it off. Play it cool for the results. PS- Goji, our wild Bengal is totally unimpressed with me because I'm way too into him. He has absolutely no time for me and it drives me insane because I just want to cuddle him because he is sooo cute.

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