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Rich Man...Poor Man

You need to stop thinking about money the way a poor person whoWANTS to be a rich person thinks about money.

Whether you logically think you're rich or poor is irrelevant.

You can do all the counting on your fingers about what you're grateful for and bring up all the people have it worse off than you, but if you deep down believe you don't have enough and are clawing to keep as much as you can for yourself, that's the vibration you put out into the world.

The subconscious is running the show.

Plenty of people I've worked with have multi-million dollar businesses and multi-million dollar investment portfolios yet still feel insecure about paying for the bills.


During the GFC there were two billionaires.

One of the men was in his 70's. During the GFC he lost 10% of his wealth, he was totally devastated, he felt like a poor man. He wrote a letter to his family apologising for his failure as a human and threw himself in front of a speeding train. His name was Adolf Merckle the VW industrialist, he left around $9billion to his estate. Yes, he still had around $9billion dollars.

The other man is a self-made billionaire now 88, he chose to give his $9billion fortune away while he is still alive, he now lives in a small apartment, travels economy, and wears a $5 watch. He feels like a rich man. His name is Chuck Feeney and will leave less than $1million to his estate.

I'm not saying that you need to trade in your Rolex for a plastic Winnie the Poo watch to be an expansive 'rich' person. Not at all.

Buy the damn Rolex, fly business class, experience all the things.

But the difference between a rich & a poor mindset is that the rich believe they will always have enough. They don't hold on tightly to their money, to their accolades, to their identity, even to their partners.

They know that even if they have none of it they will still be rich, and ironically money is attached to this vibration. It's not a hate, a fear, or a disrespect for money, NO NOT AT ALL.

It's an absolute love for money, unconditional love. It's being filled up because of the knowing of the good that money can do in the world. It's joy because other people are feeling supported and joyful.

Rather than looking at what you DON'T HAVE, start to think in unity, about what the world DOES HAVE.

Look at the fullness you have inside of you, you don't need anything else to make you full, to make you successful, to make you the bright version of you.

You get to be all of that now, not based on anything at all, no 'because'.

But of course, you are rich, because it's your divine right, and it's all here right now.

Joy is here right now. Peace is here right now. Connection is here right now. Generosity is here right now.

If you master your mindset to think about money the way a rich person thinks about money. That's how you'll feel and that's what you'll attract.

It's not money that we are after, it's the feeling of what most of us attach to money-security, safety, being of value, it's freedom.

A family friend grew up on the streets with her Mum. She wanted to buy her Mum a home. So she did. Her Mum never lived in it, she preferred to live on the streets. To her this was freedom, this was her security.

We have this idea of what it means to be rich, but we are so often looking outside ourselves, into the future. What if we decided to find it right now?

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