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Routine is keeping the whingeing sticky child running the show

There is nothing you need to heal or do in order to step into the person you desire to be. When I talk about the person you desire to be I'm NOT talking about 'I want to be a kind person' 'I want to be of service' That ain't it. That's some surface-level BS. I'm talking about the true desire, to uncover it all, to uncover who you really are right into those dark dusty corners. The greatest deepest desire, to be free, to be free of the 'shoulds' and the 'stakes' , free to play the game of life with your own rules, your own frame. That's total freedom above and beyond the physical. When we are in that space we move beyond trauma, stories, being damaged. Irrespective of the past. We are in the place of pure presence, where we are clean & clear. A totally clear channel and vessel to play with the inspiration & the commands that come through us through that deep inner source. I spoke a little about routine a few days ago and ultimately routine is helpful to discipline our ass when we are floppy and dull, to keep us 'alive-ish', to bring some fire into our bellies. But this is not where the real power is found... this only keeps us moving along slowly and limits our full free potential. When we are really playing our own highest game we do not need to be motivated, we do not need to be disciplined- unless it's part of the game. We do not need to structure ourselves in order to manage the sticky whingeing child inside, that will keep us behaving like one. Recently I threw away my planner, just dumped it in the bin, I realised I was micro-managing myself with to-dos and crap that was really limiting me. I have a very open calendar, which is why I only work with a small handful of clients at one time. If I need to remember something it generally means I don't want to do it right now and if I don't want to do it right now I put it on a list for my PA to do. If it's something for me to do I keep a small to-do list in the notes section of my phone and generally end up deleting most of them. If it doesn't turn me on in the moment, I'm not doing it. It doesn't mean I don't do things that are challenging, I fucking love a challenge, bring it on. By having very little in terms of structure does that mean that I just flop around all day with damp energy? Getting very little results? Having next to no excitement in my life? No, it's totally the opposite. I can fucking breath! I don't wake up thinking about all the shit I need to do. I don't feel like the day is before it has even begun. I'm not moving through like a machine, being a 'good-girl' and doing what I told myself at some time in the past that I 'should do'. Does it mean that I'm not consistent? The total opposite. I'm consistent as fuck to my soul, which is actually all the matters. I'm not a slave to being consistent to a yoga practice, or a meditation practice, or calling my Mum every day. That's a limitation. While the practices may look like that, it's the soul that guides in each moment. I'm one of the fittest women that I know, I'm generally pretty content with life (I have my moments), I make more money than most people I know, and I have a fuck load of space & time in my day to play, actually, it's all play. And I do it without routine, without keeping myself on a fucking chain. I trust myself fully. When I take the pressure off of needing to manage myself and totally trust in the command directed to me each moment. I find myself moving, creating, full of inspiration, not from a place of 'should or push' but from a place of ease. Very rarely do I feel tired or drained and compared to the average I do a lot of activities. Rarely do I use any 'avoidant' activities like watching shit online, sometimes I will, but I do it because that's what I'm being called to do, not because I'm bored or because I'm trying to subdue something when I do it to avoid I can feel that dullness creep in. I leave myself open, open to be in collaboration with life. I follow the cookie crumbles of what excites me. Mind you in the background I have automated systems going to keep the framework in place to give me all this space. I have a team that supports me and pulls together my chaos, I have mentors, coaches & support in most areas of life- business mentors, spiritual grandmother, vocal coach, piano teacher (this is an app actually) , surf teacher, fitness trainers, relationship coach, personal assistant, and now open for a sexuality mentor. I have business systems set up so I do next to no admin. I have all my money automated, the automation pays me each week, investments are all direct debited, and I'm always building up cash accounts for extra cushion. But I don't actually touch any of it, other than once a month when I decide where to allocate the surplusses over and above the direct debits. I used to be all about routine & habits, and while I think this can be useful for people who don't trust themselves to put in some kind of framework, or even in areas that are new and have a proverbial wall of resistance up, it can be useful for sure. But ultimately if you want to unleash total mastery in the game of life it requires being able to hold the dance with life itself, it requires asking what is this moment for? And following what lights you up even if it's hard, makes no sense, and blows shit up. PS- I'm running a free live masterclass next week to get over your own bullshit and on your way to making multiple 5 figure months. You can sign up here.

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