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Sales reach outs are so swampy

When I first started doing whatever it is that I do, which I can't really explain but you just get it or you don't, I actually thought I knew what I was doing.

I worked in finance and a huge part of that role was in sales & client relationships, I took that across to my own business and implemented sales the same way that I had been trained to do it.

I had a spreadsheet with names on it of potential clients, you might even have been on it.

I'd reach out to them, to 'check-in', ask them something I actually really didn't give a fuck about- I would try and come up with something that I did actually care about, but it never really felt in integrity because the real reason I was reaching out was because the spreadsheet told me to sell them something.

Even if I wrote something clever that reached them, it didn't touch the people I actually want to work with, the sensitive people who read energy not words.

Traditional sales teach that making sales is a numbers game, the more people you reach out to, the more sales you'll get.

And this does work, I used to pump out the sales in my other roles. But I didn't really care who I brought on as a client if they paid we could work together.

Because I was in it to make money, not because the relationship turned me on.

I spent about 80% of my energy & time on 'warming up' leads and prospecting new leads. It was kind of fun at the start but got boring pretty quickly.

I made the numbers, I had a super high conversion rate of 70%, but I ended up with 50% of those not actually being my people.

Now I don't do any of this.

I do no sales reach outs. I don't do any sales ladders. I don't do funnels. I don't do ads. I definitely don't have a prospective spreadsheet.


Unless that were to excite me and I was called to it, but right now I'm not.

Maybe occasionally I'll send someone a message if I have something that they told me they would be interested in, or if I feel like something is super aligned to that particular person.

But this is literally a once a month thing, and because I trust the message if someone's name pops up in my head.

And I bring in more money now then what I ever did before.

The other day at the gym, my current place of content inspiration, there was this guy in the sauna speaking very loudly (as they usually do) at 3 other people listening intently to his every word about growing their businesses he said: "organic growth is a loser's game".

Selling shit that doesn't turn you on, to the masses who don't excite you, using formulated colour in the box strategies, is what I'd call a loser's game.

You can make money selling however the fuck you want to sell. In fact, that's really the only way to make great money over the long-term and actually feel excited by what you do.

Maybe it is using funnels, maybe it is doing reaches outs, maybe it is posting random shit in other peoples groups, maybe it's doing nothing at all. I don't know what it is for you, but if you're not tunned you'll end up listening to the sauna guys and think they know what's best for you.

Then you'll end up building a business that is not from soul, and it will feel shitty, maybe you'll make some money, but who cares if you are shrivelled up with a dry pussy with no life left in you.

Bringing in soul money is a decision not a step-by-step action plan. It's all about your energy, nothing else is important. The actions are kind of irrelevant, they are just an expression of the energy. And they won't feel difficult, you won't have to push, the energy will naturally steer the actions effortlessly.

To be in that energy. You have to not make it matter to be in that energy. You have to make money not matter. You have to make sales not matter.

You focus on creating your art, each action you take is a stroke of your brush to create a masterpiece. If you are asking someone else what brush stroke to use, what colours to use, it's never going to be in your full genius, you never even gave yourself space.

It doesn't mean I don't ask, I have mentors I pay and I can imagine I always will. Sometimes I need to be reminded of my own style, of my own technique, sometimes I need to be reminded that I already know, and sometimes the way they do something excites me and it feels like me remembering myself.

I decided that I don't do sales calls anymore, I don't do objections, I just put a ps at the end of whatever I'm writing, and I trust that the people who resonate will reach out when they are ready. I don't have a very big following, I don't have any of the things the people say you need to have, and I make really good money.

You're the artist, you created it exactly the way you want it, that's the only way to create your masterpiece.

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