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School that will teach you something about making money

I was always fascinated by money, by what it could give me access to. The experiences it could open up, the choices it presents. Growing up we didn’t have much money, I guess that fuelled my interest in it even more. When it was time to decide on my career path it was a choice between studying fine arts or finance. I chose finance. It felt like the only way to freedom. I had equated money to freedom, and I had been programmed that ‘artists are poor’, and that was an absolute no for me. I completed a Bachelor in applied Economics & Finance, was accepted into an internship in finance, and then soon after completed a CFP which is like a post-grad for financial advisors. I worked with the some of highest regarded finance firms in the world for 10 years. I even wrote education pieces for other professional investors. I was deep in it. But I didn’t feel all that free no matter how much money I had. And I felt quite restricted with what I did for work, what we advised was often way more complicated than it needed to be. It’s a huge industry so I guess it needed to be complicated so it could keep the wheel churning. I was bored of working in the industry, I was bored of old rich people, I was bored of the stiffness of it all. So I left with a lot of knowledge and a lot of experience in the practical sense of it all. But I still felt super poor the entire way through even though I earned very respectable money. I knew nothing about money mindset. I stumbled across it through a mentor and it changed everything for me. I saw that wealth & freedom didn’t have that much to do with working hard and saving your pennies, as much as it did to do with programming. My mentor said ‘your problem is not that you spend too much, it’s that you don’t earn enough’. Back then it didn’t even matter how much I would earn, I’d still have felt fear around money, because the program was DEEP. People started to come to me to teach them how to manage their money in a way that meant they didn’t need to be tied to an advisor or a complicated product, in a way that was based on self-empowerment. I taught them how I manage my own money, which is quite different from how we managed clients’ money (b/c complicated keeps the cog spinning, now I'm out of the cog, and I’m all for simple). That was another reason I left, it felt so misaligned that advisors were recommending strategies & investments to clients that they themselves did not use. I also realised that most people were the same as me, even if they had the practical stuff down, they would still feel poor and even limited to call in big money based on their programming. The practical stuff is not enough, it has to be teamed with money mindset. I’m not talking about vision boards or law of attraction stuff here, I’m talking about a decision to claim your life. And the money mindset is not enough, it has to be teamed with the practical stuff. So that’s what I’ve put together in School of Money, it’s over 10 years of the practical stuff I learnt in finance, plus the money mindset piece that I’ve learnt from some of the greats who I’ve been lucky enough to have as mentors. I teach the mindset I use for myself that's grown a business in a very relaxed way that brings in multiple 5 figure months within the first 2 years. I share the work that has alleviated the anxiety around money, to see possibilities that are greater than the problems. Teamed with the practical stuff. What I teach is what I use to manage my own money which I spend around an hour a month on. I have 3 investment portfolios to produce passive income, I have money to spend each day on whatever I want, and I have enough for things like travel & development. This has nothing to do with earning a lot of money or even having a budget, but everything to do with creating a strategy from the core of your desires and creating automations from there.

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