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Side boob action & money rant

You're dogshit with money.

Maybe you even kind of hate money, but also desire it. Maybe you think people with a lot of money are greedy & gross. And maybe they are, I have no idea. But it doesn't fucking matter.

The thing that keeps most people trapped is that they feel like someone is taking it all. When really you're the one taking it off yourself.

And if you're all about saving the world, which I think is kind of bullshit, but anyway, you can do a lot more when you're the one with the money in your hands, rather than being the one complaining about the disparity in the world.

Blaming other people for poverty, the worlds issues and your own lack of financial stability is the first sign of what I call 'money-idiot-disease'.

I'm not a doctor BUT I did read some white papers and a lot of facebook comments so I know right away when someone is suffering from 'money-idiot-disease' here are some symptoms:

* Obsessed about conspiracy theories, that the people with all the money are trying to plot against humanity, they are reptilians, and that the people have no power and we are all fucked.

This may or may not be true, but it's actually irrelevant because it's such surface-level stuff.

* Saves money and then invests it in random IPO, crypto and angel investments, probably gold too. Then some of it gets frozen because it's some weird illiquid obscure investment. Some of it goes up over the short term, then tells friends in the sauna really loudly (so everyone else can hear how financially smart they are) how much money they've made in crypto, maybe comments on other peoples posts about it too (actually they definitely do this). They don't know it yet, but they'll lose out over the long term.

* They say fuck the system & the big corporations, they want to go off the grid, wear yogi pants & drive a scooby. They believe money is the root cause of societies issues, they believe in a future where we trade gifts, hugs and home grown-vegetables. And they'll pull out their iPhone and take a photo of their garden. Forgetting that we are the ones with the power, we vote with our money.

* They say things like 'yeh, but I'd rather be happy than have a lot of money'....yeh I'd rather be happy and have a lot of money.

Listen up here I have the antidote to money-idiot-disease, actually, I don't, these people are too far gone, but they are fun to write about. I don't want to work with them.

But perhaps you have a mild case, if you have a mild-case you'll know it, because maybe you'll feel a little offended by me, but you will still understand what I'm saying when I say...

Money is neutral, we paint it with a personality, we give it meaning.

Yes money is evil, it's also a saint. Money is all the fucking things.

So CHOOSE what you want it to be for you.

Because this whole money is a limited resource thing probably isn't serving you.

Just like it's not serving you to make random investment decisions because you believe that you can outsmart most with money. I'm sorry but you can't, because you don't know shit about it, and you're so emotional about it all.

If you want to understand money, how to manage it, how to invest it join me in School of Money for 3 months of money knowledge-intensive. This is made up of the knowledge from working over 10 years in finance, studying economics & finance, completing the CFP, and a shit load of mindset work. This is the practical and the mindset stuff together, there is NOTHING like this. I cannot promise to cure money-idot-disease, but I can show you how to protect yourself from it, stay safe guys, use protection.

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