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Some people just don't get it and won't ever get it

Some people just don't get it and they won't get it.

Sometimes I feel like I'm banging my head against the wall.

Like the people who think they understand how to build long term solid investment portfolios...but they are actively trading, buying random bits and pieces, trying to time the market. Yet they know nothing about investment fundamentals.

95% of crypto traders loose money, 80% of active share market traders loose money. The 5-15% who actually make money over the long term are a few who just got lucky and the rest are experts who do it as a full-time job, who actually understand investment fundamentals and strategies. The finance expert ain't you 200-hour accredited yoga teacher no matter how many crypto meetups you've been to.

Idiots!!! They get me all riled up.

But then I remember they are not my people.

I'm over here losing my shit at these potatoes when actually my people are quietly sitting back focusing on their life, doing their purpose work.

The people who actually don't really give a fuck about the market or external events, they are busy living their best life. Yes they have empathy & they care, but they understand to focus on the things that actually impact them.

They are conscious of their impact on the world and want to step lightly. If they have an impact they want it to be for the better. But they are not obsessed with the outside world and that it needs to be 'fixed', they focus on their own footstep.

They want to understand how to use investments to grow their wealth, probably in an ethical way, but they don't want to be using their time and energy on it. They have better things to do. They want a solid strategy and they want that shit automated.

They understand they are in the game for the long-term, they understand the slow burn, they understand how compound interest & dollar-cost averaging works (because I taught them).

They are financially savvy and they roll their eyes at these crypto cowboy potato heads screaming about the shiny thing that will get them rich.


They are focusing on their businesses, on their message, on their soul work.

They know that's what brings in the cash.

Then they grow it and keep it safe using SOLID, EDUCATED, PROVEN, strategies that are just working on in the background.

If you want to learn how to invest, how to automate your money, how to have $10k-$20k months, how to keep money around, how to love money, and create a healthy mindset then join School of Money. Click here to sign up now before it closes.

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