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The Secret to A Successful Day

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Someone wrote my book!

Have you ever had an idea that graced you in the sense that it didn't feel like it come 'from you' but instead that it chose you?

A few years ago an idea came to me to write a book on money management and money mindset for women, it was titled Rich As Fuck.

I started it and didn't really feel like I was qualified since I making $3,000 p/m from my business, which would be 'Rich' for some, but for it wasn't an amount that truely felt abundant to me.

I was definitely qualified in terms of the strategy to teach & write about managing and growing money, but it felt like I couldn't write about one without the other.

So I put it aside and decided I'd pick it back up when I was earning an amount that felt Rich to me.

Recently a well-known thought leader on money & wealth creation wrote a book with wealth strategies and mindset. It's called Rich as Fuck.

I'm glad she wrote it, I've downloaded it and I'm looking forward to reading it.

And I know that even if I wrote it earlier, it would still be different because an idea is a co-collaborator, it works through us, but along the way to its incarnation it requires our translation through our lens, so it has our unique stamp on it.

Elizabeth Gilbert wrote about the persona of an idea in her book Big Magic. She writes that essentially an idea propositions one person at a time to execute it, but it only has so much patience, and when the idea feels like you're not committed it will hop along to the next person.

There are no hard feelings. And you never miss out. Because the person who actually executes is exactly the right person.

Although I'm incredibly industrious and multi-facaded in what I create and sell, I also have learnt to be discerning in what I execute. Execution is not an issue for me, hard work is not an issue for me, ideas are also not an issue for me.

The practice for me is to focus on what is truely calling me, because there is always only one thing in this moment that calls me, and that's the knowing I connect in with.

For other people the practice may be on executing because that is something they are not strong at, and the discernment is actually to just do the fucking thing instead of wondering if it's the right thing or the right time.

The other point to this is that there is always space for you, everything has been done before, but not by you. Not with your stamp.

You have never missed out on one opportunity, not one.

Everything that is meant for you is available right now, and in the past, you were taking other opportunities.

So go make love to that idea and create and sell the thing!

PS- If you know in your heart that you are capable to make bigger strides in love, business, creative expression, and wealth I'd love to support you. I've opened my calendar for you to book in a free session. I have learnt this stuff and I'm so committed to this in my own life, for my own freedom, and so I can share it with you. If you'd like to book in for a free one-on-one session with me you can do so here.

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