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Star signs are bullshit, so is human design & pretty much everything else

I'm a small box. I'm pitta. I'm a virgo. I'm a manifestor. I'm a daughter. I'm a lover. Wall, another wall, another wall. Tighter and tighter. Defined by what I've learned to make sense of myself & of the world. 'I just naturally have a bigger body' 'It's a full moon so I'm extra sensitive' 'I have my period, so I shouldn't exercise' 'As a mannifestor generator I should wait to be invited'. 'I've read Carl Jung' You don't know shit. You only know walls. You think you know, because it's easier to know when you have absolutes, when you have a small house with tight walls. When you can make sense of it all, because you can explore within the safety of the walls. The thing is making sense of anything means freezing it in its place. 'Ok, now this is this, ahhh I get it now'. That's the small self, wanting to understand, wanting meaning, wanting to feel safe. And it gives some relief. Like an itch to a scratch. But it still all feels meh. Like you still have so far to go. So much to unblock. So many more things to do to get even remotely close to the way you want things to be. It doesn't matter how well read you are. It doesn't matter how long your meditation practice is. It doesn't matter how much you've learned. You still don't have 'it'. Because it's clogged up with labels, definitions & learnings there is no space for anything else. It's groundhog day, the same patterns, the same results, the same thoughts. The only way to get to the space where results are instant, but you don't give a fuck about the results anyway, is to blow up the walls. To let go of trying to manage yourself, to let go of victimising yourself, to drop all the shit that you are broken & need to be healed. Blow up the inner world, let go of putting it all in a box, and the world opens up. Because when you're present none of it matters anymore. There is only knowing, a knowing that is not verbal, that is not an analysis. A knowing is not a wall, it's not a label. It's freedom. The knowing knows that it doesn't matter why. In this space: You don't need to heal yourself. You don't need to do X to get Y. You don't need to wait for anything. You don't need to wait for motivation. You don't need to wait for results. Patience? there is no need to be patient. BUT this is not able to be accessed from the place within the walls. It's not able to be accessed from a place of searching outside of yourself, or within yourself for that matter. Because there is nothing to search for, there is no emotional attachment, no programming. There is no waiting. There is no such thing as waiting. It's a void. This is where things move quickly in the material world, it's instant. You're given the direction, you act on it, and the outcome is greater than any of the relief the labels you had could ever provide. But the results don't matter anyway, because the turn-on is in each moment. This is what so many people don't get about business or about money. Yes you can do Y to get X. But why not instead do YYY because it's a fucking turn-on, then XXX comes into your field, and you only only ever imagined X was possible, but you don't even care anymore because YYY is already blowing your mind. Access this through working 1:1 with me for 6 months. You will get access to ALL of my programs, plus group mentorships for life, and you have 6 months 1:1 with me. This is not something that can be learnt, only experienced, there are no steps, no colour in the box walls. This is an experience. You will blow up your own walls and feel what it feels like to live beyond what you thought was possible, where results become futile because it's the thing itself. $10000. Message me for the details.

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