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Stop playing with your balls

As I sit here preparing for the 3rd week of Invest Like a Queen I am reminded once again of how important it is to stay the path, to have the courage not to fold & change path at any sign of shakiness. Most investors get it wrong, lose money, waste so much energy because they are focused on the short term. They are reading the business news, obsessing over the latest numbers. In freak out mode we create strategy or a plan so we can shift out of the experience. But it's often based on panic & can be easily out of alignment. Like in the GFC a lot of people lost a lot of money, BUT not because the market fell, but because they sold everything at the bottom. If they just left it, and didn't look, stayed focused on their life, they actually would have MADE money. I actually feel angry at these people. These are the people that blame the market, the economy etc for their lack of XYZ. And while I have compassion...actually I'll be frank, I don't have all that much compassion for them because If focused on getting educated, if they checked their own alignment, if they stayed focused, if they did the fucking work... Well then they wouldn't be blame everything outside of themselves. 'It's the share markets fault I lost all of my money' No it's not. It's your fault because you weren't willing to get educated & get some perspective. If there is anything right now that you are uncomfortable & you are thinking it's because of something outside of you, I encourage you to check yourself. Are you in alignment? Are you focused on the big picture? If you were to be in full integrity and instead of being in victim mode decided to step into the full-power-open-hearted-confident being you actually are, then how would you respond? Let me go back to the share market for a moment. It has numbers I can speak to. The average active investor gets a return of 3% pa. over 10 years, that is someone who is playing with their balls so to speak, they are trying to time the market. Yet if they just stopped messing around and left the balls alone, that is someone like me, who only plays with bliss balls and my boyfriends balls, I invest, I put in my order and then I focus on living my life. Where I get an average return of 9.8% over the same period, by staying the damn course. That's a difference of $135,000 on a $100,000 investment over 10 years. What is true for investing in the share market is also true in life. Stop playing with your balls, stay the course, stop trying to mess with the results. You're actually stopping the flow of results & putting yourself backwards, quite trying to 'fix' everything Focus on your own path, focus on what's important to you, results finds this sexy, and life is way more fun. PS- I'm super excited to drop my new program on fast-tracking results...always make the right decision, always know the next action, monetize your gifts into a multi 6-figure business, step into 'one day' now. Coming soon.

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