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Strategy & Flow

So you've created a vision, working on your inner world, practicing changing your vibration, doing all the things to manifest that vision into your life, but why isn't it happening?

In fact, it seems like you are being tested. It feels like you are now worse off than what you were when you started manifesting.

The truth is, you are probably being tested.

Are you willing to back yourself and keep faith that the perfect job, client, partner, house, etc. is on its way to you?

Or will you falter and go back to old habits or patterns that are based on low self-worth?

It seems like your only option right now is to take the same old thing, but it's not really what you want, but maybe that's all that you can get.

It's not. 

It's coming, be patient, show yourself how worthy you are, you are in no rush, you are an eternal being. You came here to live and experience, not to survive and get through the day. 

The moment when it seems like what you manifest will never happen, your dreams seem too big and you're second-guessing yourself is called magic dark. It's the universe just checking that you really want it, that you really have changed. 

Hold tight my dear, more than you can ever imagine is on its way.

Just don't give up.

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