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Strategy To Create Space For Gold

Often those who have used strategy to get where they are today will continue to focus on strategy because they know it works. It’s been the foundation for a comfortable home, a healthy body, money in the bank, perhaps has even allowed them to make an impact in their career/business.

But inside of this, there can be the need to control and to ensure everything is perfect, which can create inaction and can block greater opportunities and development.

In my experience, if I wait until everything is ‘perfect’ and ‘running smoothly’ the inspiration and fire from the message or idea that I initially had has already gone.

I’m no longer excited about it.

I’m already onto the next season, it’s like putting out a fashion range in 2020 that was designed in 2018. It’s done, it’s over, I’m on to next thing.

I’m already bursting at the seams with new inspiration. And inspiration doesn’t wait for anyone.

If I waited for it to be perfect and to do ‘all the things’ first, I’d be a worker bee tied to the shackles of my perfectionism.

So how can we create art when it strikes?

To ensure that it’s shared with the right people?

And have the back end automated so we’re not pulling out our hair?

And how do we stop trading our time for money, and instead are paid for the value we provide?

You build simple systems that allow you to spend more time in genius mode. You create rinse and repeat strategies that work for you. You tell perfectionism to F off. You remember that you are an artist, not a PA- getting a PA helps (but not mandatory).

On Jan 10 I’ll be hosting a 6-month mastermind.

  • This is for those with a powerful message from the soul who is ready to create massive impact and money.

  • This is for anyone who already has a business/program but knows they could be making more money and greater impact OR

  • This is for anyone ready to start a business/program but is not quite sure where or how to start and is stuck on the strategy and clarity.

This is NOT for those who do not have fire in their belly, this is not for those who are not disciplined, this is not for those who are comfortable staying as they are.

Send me a message on Facebook or Insta if this sounds like your jam and you want the details xx

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