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Stretch Yourself

If I asked you what kind of life you wanted, in detail, could you do it with ease or would the question make you feel frantic, maybe even a bit lost?

Often we feel nervous and detached from our goals, or we don't even know what they are. 

The thing is if we are not focusing on our desires daily, not in a desperate way mind you, but in a fun light-hearted way, then it's really unlikely we will reach them.

So why do some of us find it so difficult to attach to goals?

There are two reasons. 

The first is the fear of failure, if we speak about it, write it out, commit to it, there is a chance we might not reach them. If we don't reach them then we are a failure, the universe hasn't got our backs, we aren't good enough, etc. 

The second is that we are not really excited by our goals, they might not even be our goals, they might be based on the 'shoulds' or we may be limiting ourselves because what we actually want seems impossible. 

Ohh and there is a third- we just haven't made the time to think and feel into what we want. 

There is no shame in any of them.

But the great news is that once you are aware of what is blocking you and bringing your energy down then you have the ability to move through it because they are all easy fixes.

The universe wants to give you what you desire, but how can it give you what you want when you're not even clear yourself?

Write down your goals daily, think about it, feel into it as if it already is done.

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That not all. I have a very special announcement incoming soon so stay tuned!

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