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I'm a student in my own program WTF

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

I've just started taking my own program, Super Money Genius, it's an oldie but a goodie. I teach money mindset and I forget it! I have moments where I choose the thing on sale over what I really want, where I miss out on the workshop because 'I've already spent X on trainings this month'. Recently I found a home in Thailand that I looooved but it was about twice what I had planned to pay for accommodation, I bartered the owner down and while this was happening it was booked out. I know not to stuff around with this, when you want it, pay for it. But yet I was in fear, even though I CAN afford it and do have the money, I still did this. I ended up booking it once it was free and moved in here yesterday. It's right on the beach and is super light & cute (pic above). It's much rarer now that I have these moments of lack, but it happens. I used to live this way ALL THE TIME. I'd even look at the prices on a menu to decide what to order. It wasn't until I started to practice feeling abundant that I actually felt wealthy. The simple practice of being grateful when I spend money was HUGE! Giving thanks when I pay bills, when I purchase clothes, jewellery etc and feel into how wonderful it is that these services are provided for me. That I get to support others by cycling money. And of course that it always comes back 10 fold.

PS- I have one open spot in my one-on-one mentor program if you'd like to chat more about this send me a DM here XX

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