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Success gets to be celebrated

Success gets to be celebrated.

It doesn't need to be hidden away for fear of offending or triggering others.

It doesn't need to be hidden for the fear of others feeling entitled to advise you what to do with your success or whether they believe you deserve it or not.

Recently I watched the Taylor Swift documentary, it's such a strong example of this.

She was so concerned about being perceived as a 'good person', one of value & deserving of her success, she thrived off the compliments & admiration of others.

But it all started to shift & TSwift started to attract serious hate (even death threats).

Her self worth plummeted because she had given the strings of her value to everyone else, and now they were stamping on her.

She gave her power away as soon as she looked to the outside for validation.

But this was also a great blessing.

Because these haters were allowing this shadow part of her self to come forward, so she had the opportunity to nurture this part of self that felt like it needed the approval of others.

She had the opportunity to take her own power back and stand solid in herself irrespective of the outside world. Which she did.

Yesterday I had an experience where someone messaged me telling me how 'mad' they were at how much money I made, then proceeded to tell me what I should do with it.

The anger totally rose up in me, don't they know how committed I am to my work? Don't they know how dedicated I am? Don't they know how disciplined I am? Don't they know how much value I provide? Don't they know how scared I often am but I fucking do it anyway? Don't they know I donate a large portion of my income to animals?

.....Don't you know Freya?....

Clearly not well enough. As I got defensive towards someone who I hardly know, someone who is clearly not my tribe.

What a gift this person gave me. To be able to get even more solid in myself.

I used the process that I teach in Reprogrammed. Why was I calling this experience in of people giving unsolicited advice? Of people feeling entitled to cut down my success?

Then I took a visit back to childhood.

I was in primary school and it was sports day.

My best friend was teasing me telling me she was going to beat me to win the 100m, I didn't poke back because I wasn't so confident, we were always head-to-head.

The gun went off and I went for it..... I came first, and with glee I gave her a little poke to my bestie and said something smart-ass about winning.

The principle heard me saying this, she proceeded to school me on good sportsmanship.

I felt like the joy of my win had been stolen, I felt guilty and ashamed.

I felt much the same when this person told me that I pretty much that I don't deserve to make this amount of money & I should give it away.

I gave myself what I needed- approval, appreciation & validation.

Ultimately it's my choice if I allow my 'wins to be stolen', in fact they were not stolen at all, I handed them over.

My business mentor said to me today 'Freya you're going to create ripples as someone who wants to shake up the world, you're going to have to come to terms with the fact that some people are not going to like you and what you do'

I will delete people from my environment that are draining, I will not accept unsolicited advice, but I will grateful for the lessons that the triggers bring in to become even more solid in myself.

I choose to continue to show up, I choose to attract people into my environment that empower each other, I will continue to make even more money, and I'll certainly continue to spend my money as I please. ​​

I like to imagine embody this image of Ben Hur, when he is captured as a slave he gets stronger through doing the work.

Not that I feel like a slave at all, but that I choose that everything is here for my unfolding & for my growth, I choose that everything brings me closer to myself.​

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