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An interaction or cooperation giving rise to a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts.

While there are actually no true seperate 'parts' in life we compartmentalise for the practicality of being humans human-ing. But for the purpose of what I want to share let's continue with the idea we have of 'areas' or 'parts'.

When it comes to building financial fr**dom which to me means: not asking money for permission to live life the way we desire. not trading our time doing soul-sucking work for money. not relay on anyone else to be able to live comfortably.

Financial fr**dom is being in the position where you can do what you please with your time, without having to trade time for money.

Creating financial fr**dom has MUCH more to do than just making good investments.

Investment is only one 'part' of financial fr**dom.

Think of it like the walls of a house, it's necessary for the house to be contained but without a solid foundation the walls blow over.

The foundation is an automated cash flow system.

If you have a bigger spend one week and dig into your investments, the bricks of the walls start to fall out.

Think of income as the doors and windows, smooth cash flow and investment accumulation only works if you have income portholes open.

And a roof is required to protect the home from the weather. The roof is our safety net- insurances that we are going to continue to have an income even when something unexpected happens.

Creating security and wealth is a synergistic dance, each part is required to work together to build true long-lasting support.

It's actually all pretty simple once you have the layout and the tools.

I'm so excited for the students in School of Money to begin to build their own detailed financial plan.

My aim is for each of them to have a solid plan for at least 1 million in assets.

This week we are have started with financial education and the students are creating investment strategies to build their own investment portfolios- and this is just the beginning!

We also use cognitive behavioural therapy to reprogram beliefs to support healthy and positive relationships with wealth.

Doors are doing a hard close on Monday, this will be the last time I run this with the live component for this year.

Click here to find out more.

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