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Tell Nan to pull out the fancy plates

Waiting is the erosion of dreams. Both my Gran and my Nan kept their best serving dishes in a cupboard and they were only taken out on 'special' occasions... I assume it's something that many Grandparents did, perhaps it was to do with being alive during the war where resources were redirected and indulgence was seen as a disregard for the honour of the country... I was always perplexed by this...saving the best for later...locking up the favourite pieces and a cupboard Like I said last week, the better it is, the better it gets. When we use our best things when we enjoy them now, they don't run out, they bask in the joy of being enjoyed, and more comes... The other part of this is as I change, so does my desires, what I may enjoy today might not be what I will enjoy in a year...cue my wardrobe...saving something does no good because I'm generally over it, I'm better off enjoying it now. This is the same with visions & ideas... They love to be used now, when you step into them, they actually grow, they do not run out. But they will run out if they are left locked in the cupboard, waiting for the perfect time. I see some people keeping their ideas and thoughts locked away because they are afraid someone will steal them, darling, they are not yours to lock away, ideas hate to be locked away so they will stop coming your way. The more ideas, downloads, knowledge, wisdom that I share the more that come towards me. They go to those who will help put them out into the world. Don't wait, wear your favourite clothes, tell Nan to pull out the fancy plates, share your ideas and messages and take action on them today. Much greater things are in line waiting for you, but first, you have to clear out what is already there.

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