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The academy that Buddha, Jesus & Moses all attended is now open for enrolment

Nature has an intelligence beyond our technological advanced.

Compared with what nature creates, what we create is primitive in both functionality and beauty.

It's not that we have low intelligence, in fact we have an unparalleled intelligence that spaces far & wide of any other being. It is said that even celestial beings are curious of our great abilities, which is also why they are afraid of us and keep quiet.

Of course we are 'behind' in technology and the world is being whipped by ludicrous non-sensical policies, and it's not hard to miss the toxicity and harmful nature of the actions of some.

BUT that it not a reflection of the scale of the omni-intelligence potentially we all possess.

It only shows that we are not using our great capacity, because we lost the manual along the way.

A friend was sharing her experience giving birth where she was transferred from the home birth path into the conventional western medical path for safety. It was quite shocking to hear all the ways we set ourselves up to be disconnected from the connection with ourselves and nature from the very beginning.

For example when a woman first gives birth the first 3 days she does not produce milk, but produces an incredibly useful liquid, colostrum, this liquid provides the baby with necessary anti-bodies. Yet the hospital doesn't say any of this and instead gives most babies formula. Most formula has CORN SYRUP! Welcome to the world, here is some highly processed liquid sugar to set the foundation of your health.

And then they want to jab the child with a hepatitis vaccination, on the day of their birth! Cut the cord & wash all the fluids off the baby pretty much right away. All under fluorescent lights in a jungle of sterile concrete.

I'm all for western medicine, it's totally necessary and saves lives. But we've gone too far.

We've become totally disempowered and just nod our heads at what we are told is best for us.

Because we think we don't know. We're so conditioned to look out side of ourselves for the answer.

We don't even know what to eat. We've made it so complex.

When actually it's so simple.

When we connect back with our infinite intelligence it's all so simple. We intuitively know what to do. Nature allows us to access this place.

Nature provides a sense of peace and calm it inspires us to access our wisdom. Often a solution to something I've been pondering comes through when I'm by myself in nature.

Many great teachers came out with their teachings after isolating in nature.

Think of Siddhartha, Moses, Jesus, they all came back from the Forrest with the teachings that we use today.

When Moses came close to a burning bush GOD calls to him to take off his sandals for it is holy ground.

Baring ourself to nature & to the sky brings us back to the sea of universal intelligence.

I encourage you to put your feet in the dirt, to be gentle with the insects that crawl on you, to tickle a leaf, to look up at the night sky. Allow the rays of nature to open you open as a channel for universal intelligence.

And stop eating and watching crap that stuff is blocking your connection with infinite wisdom.

PS- I'm having the most beautiful conversations right now since opening my calendar! You guys are such an inspiration to me! You can book in a free online power session with me here. It's truely such a joy to connect with you all right now, especially since Bali is in lockdown. If you'd like to unfold your path to opulence, wealth, creative genius, health & relationships as vehicles to self-actualisation or just have a chat please book in here. Love you all!

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