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The answer that you make is always the right one.

The answer that you make is always the right one

When we are unsure about where to go, what to decide, one of the worst things to do is tell other people about it unless they are someone who can help you to uncover your own truth.

Yesterday I found myself feeling stuck in a decision. It was also raining and I know when it rains all day I can tend to feel a little down.

Normally when I speak to others I'm quite clear on where my soul is guiding me.

But not yesterday. I was in victim mode, I wanted to be right and this person to be wrong, I wanted to have confirmation that I was not treated fairly, so I could feel like it was unfair and be in misery.

The thing was that I ended up taking this position of a victim & needing to be saved, I noticed I opened my self up for the opinions of others, which normally although I'll listen they generally will not impact me.

I noticed that I became more clouded and confused. Further away from my own knowing.

I felt trapped.

When we start to involve other people in our decisions the pressure of their judgment starts to also come into play.

My personal policy is to always trust soul, and if it's not clear get connected shift into a peaceful state, if it's still not clear and a decision needs to made go with what my first instinct was before all of the fear came into play.

Fear might hide itself as 'being realistic' or 'being smart'.

When I took the time to be still & silent with myself it was clear- 'this is not a big deal, whatever decision you make is the right one, connect to the possibility not to the problem'

No one else has the answer, and talking to most people in my experience does not make things any clear, it just heightens the drama and pulls them into it, puts you in the student mode & them in the teacher mode.

I noticed yesterday the amount of energy I was spending on this decision. Most decisions are really not worth all the 'thinking' we do.

This one certainly wasn't.

Once I'm clear on what soul says I take action right away, because otherwise, the other voice under ration or logic comes into play playing out other scenarios and there I am again in the loop, wasting my energy & not focusing on what I actually need to focus on.

Yesterday as soon as the clouds had parted and I was clear I took action. Now it's done, nothing more to think about.

Bonus I get to transform my own process into content.

The next step is to trust. Trust that soul always leads you in the right direction & trust that you followed soul in the first place.

Let it go, focus on what's important, living life not trapped in the pain of the imaginary future, or as Paris Hilton says #Sliving (yep she's trying to make a new word, I'll support her).

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