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The bigger it gets the less complicated it is

I'm unavailable for complicated.

I will not do complicated in business, in relationships, in health or fitness.

I will not go there.

As soon as it starts feeling that way I KNOW that it's time to shift directions.

There is this idea that the more money you make & the bigger your business grows that the more systems & work needs to be done.

In fact I even see people at the beginning stages of their businesses trying to set up all the packages & systems before they've even sold a damn thing.

It's not the packages & systems that people buy.

It's the energy, it's the soul.

You don't need a fancy platform, shit you don't even need social media to get your message out into the world. Sure it can be helpful in magnetising the message & the offers.

What you need is a message and an offer first otherwise there is nothing to magnetise

You don't need to create & film the perfect online program first. In fact, I'd say that's a sure way for it not to sell and for you to waste your time.

You don't need to follow the rules of how the 'big' people do it.

Go basic, build an audience, share what is burning inside of you.

Run workshops, round up people off the street, knock on doors, whatever! It actually doesn't matter how, what matters is that you're doing it- creating a website and filming videos that have never seen the daylight is not 'doing it'.

The bigger my business is the more I focus on keeping it simple & clean.

Because now I have a super-strong message & a solid audience, I slowly build up the platforms, the automation & the way it's all delivered. But I do that as a side focus. Each week or month choosing one area to clean up.

The main focus is the message.

If everyday I only did one thing for my business it would be to create a piece of content and share it, with a PS sales offer at the end. That's it.

I could email it, I could speak it on the street, I could share it on social, I could call my friends. It doesn't matter HOW.

Go back to basics. Where are you over-complicating life? Strip it back, get to the soul.

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