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  • Freya Savage

The difference between desire & greed

True desire does come from a place of lack. If you have a desire you are NOT ungrateful. If you have desire, and try and squash it down because you tell yourself 'I already have so much more than others, I shouldn't take more'. I'm reminding you that you are NOT greedy for having that desire and following it. Greed & lack of gratitude has nothing to do with true desire, because true desire doesn't even have a fuel, it just comes through us, it's beyond us. And when you understand the mechanics of wealth you see that it's infinite, that you are not taking away from anyone else when you stick to your own lane. BUT there is greed & lack of grace in the world, you only need to glimpse at the news to see it. This is not from desire, this is aspiration & ambition that comes from lack. This comes suffering, from insecurity, from pain. This type of ambition is the hungry gurgle that tells us we need to be richer, look more put together, know more, have more, look like we stepped out of a magazine, have a larger audience, have the perfect partner ect. This gurgle will never be filled. It's a hungry ghost. The more you feed it from this 'need' to be whole the hungrier it gets. There is nothing wrong with having these things, it's not about the things. It's about the fuel behind it. True desire is a calling, it's a pull. It doesn't even have a fuel tank, it doesn't operate that way. It's beyond the programming, it's beyond the unconscious stories. It might even feel inconvenient, it might feel totally obscene, maybe it even feels dull. But you get the call, it keeps on knocking. Knock. Knock. Knock. It might even be a calling to make a certain amount of money, which seems dull, boring, soulless. BUT it's not up to you. It actually has nothing to do with the thing at all because.. The desire is there for you to become who you need to become. It's not about the thing. It will lead you to the unimaginable, the desire is not the end of the road, it's just the direction for the next turn. Maybe your calling is considered 'great' maybe it will change the world, & it looks like you've been given the vision for a a great destination. Think Ellon Musk, it's an understatement that SpaceX is a luminary & grand pursuit. But it's really not important how it fits relatively next to grandiose desires. The comparison game keeps you small or keeps you in the game of consuming for the hungry ghost. Desire is a calling. Desire is a roadmap of us to remember our future. It's the force of nature, where the universe conspire with us to create extraordinary. Desire is what creates art, it is what reminds us of love, it's what brings us to our knees, and then tenderly kisses our brow each night. Desire is what breaks us into pieces and then we are put together in a way that the 'us' wants to be. More beautiful, more mature, more child-like. Because we start to see that actually it doesn't matter, but we play like it does matter. And how beautiful it is to desire. To enjoy the desire of desire itself, not for the desire but for the juice that reminds us we are alive.

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