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The genius doesn't give a F about the results

'You have no idea what we could do if you let me out to play' she says.

And again she shakes the box.

And again you go back to the 'maintenance'. This is why every week or so you have a down day, or maybe a few, it's not because you need to do more maintenance.

It's because you're trying to manage her and keep her quiet.

Those with a weak genius will have no idea what I'm talking about.

They stopped hearing the shake years ago.

They believe that 'maintenance' is the way to peace, joy & freedom.

And it does work to some degree, but it's playing at a different level, you'll only get what you can imagine, probably less.

It's not that I don't have direction, I get thoughts of 'ohh that would be cool to make $10k in a day' or 'that could be fun to surf in Hawaii'. Whatever, but I don't make it matter.

Yes, the outcome can be cool, but it's just seasoning, it's not the actual dish.

Most people are so used to living a life doing things in order to get things.

Working in order to get paid.

Getting paid in order to make the mortgage.

Saving to go on holiday.

Exercising to get the body.

Fucking to get the orgasm.

Going on the date to get the marriage and kids.

And they never will know anything different. This is where the mundane lives.

This is where she shakes the box so furiously those with strong genius's end up needing to medicate themselves to drown her out.

Those with weak genius will just wake up each day feeling a little defeated until it just becomes normal.

And then there are those few who open the box and let her free. These are the people who live unimaginable lives, who have all the things without trying, who feel turned on by life.

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