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The greatest investment in the world

The greatest investment in the world. The one that can return beyond what is even mathematically possible. It's the only investment that can go from 0 to $10,000,000, which is actually mathematically impossible for a return to even go from $0 to $1. It's the only investment that is in your hands. It's the only investment that is fully your responsibility. The outcome is based on you. It has the potential to return beyond what any stock, currency, property will ever return It's the investment in yourself. Your ability to earn an income is beyond any return you'll receive elsewhere. You need income to invest in financial assets. You cannot start in the finance world if you have no income coming in from other portholes. In this world, the world of your own development, your own unfolding, this is the world where you can collapse time & make the impossible possible. I see people mixing these two streams up. They are trying to make the impossible possible by investing in financial assets beyond them (crypto, shares, property), trying to get rich quick, but these are not the potholes to create limitless wealth quickly. These are necessary tools to MANAGE & BUILD limitless wealth. BUT these tools are beyond us, they are not in our control, they are bigger than us as individuals. I teach people how to USE these tools to multiply wealth using averages & statistics. Not to try and beat it. Even the greatest investors who try and 'beat the averages' get it wrong 70% of the time. Use the tools, but don't confuse the tools for the trade that creates BANK. The tools are not the thing to create limitless wealth. They are only tools. The portholes that bring in huge amounts of wealth are that of your soul work, of your art. Of course you can also make money doing soul-less activities, but that's not what I teach. Art combined with the inner work of expanding your confidence and unblocking the beliefs that clog up the portholes is what creates the foundation for limitless wealth. The investment with the greatest potential return is the investment in yourself. Backing yourself. But many people consider an investment in themselves as a gamble. They think they are a risk. Perhaps you've invested in programs, courses, mentors, tried businesses before and they didn't work. So now you have the 'proof' that it just doesn't work for you. When you believe that that's the story that will keep playing out. And this is generally the type of people that get attracted the world of 'get rich quick' affiliate marketing & active investing, because they don't believe that their art is a porthole. The first thing you need to do is find the proof that you can back yourself. That you are an investment not a gamble. Commit to something, commit to yourself, show yourself that you can trust yourself. There is no point investing with me or anyone else if you don't have that trust first. There is certainly no point investing in the 'tools' when you don't have portholes open to multiply income. Some doubt & fear is normal when we 'invest' in ourselves, but generally it comes later when the mind starts evaluating. I trust that initial direction, if was a 'yes, this is for me' this is an investment, trust it! If I'm afraid of it, I also use it as a sign that it's something to go into, because otherwise if it didn't call to me I would be totally neutral about it, I'd know it wasn't for me right away. Do I recommend investing in programs & mentors above paying your bills and putting food on the table? No I don't. Get your basics sorted first. Do I recommend taking out a loan? Only you can decide that, does it feel motivating or does it feeling crushing? Do you trust yourself? Once you start to see that you are the greatest investment nothing is a 'waste', spending is no longer embedded in an underlying stress, your world opens up. I've invested over $50,000 in my own development in programs, courses & mentors. I didn't always get results, which pissed me off at the time, but in hindsight I always got a teaching from it even if that was what not to do & the practice of letting go. If it's not a financial or tangible outcome, it's a lesson. Both equally valued. School of Money is open for the next intake, this is for those who are ready to expand their life to one based in freedom, wealth & expansion. I teach you about the practical money management as well as the energetics of wealth. Less than 10 more days to sign up. This program is my lifes work. It is LIFE CHANGING. Last year I had over 50 students go through my programs, this year I've combined it all to bring you the foundation for limitless wealth in School of Money. Click here to find out more.

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