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The habit of being you

Another day.

Do you feel excited about the unfolding? Do you feel like the potential is limitless? Do you feel like a dry humping life because you have so much love for it?

Nahhhh, I'm going to stay in bed a little longer.

Permission to hate on life sometimes, to feel shitty and want to throw your coffee in my face at another email about how to doing the work to raise your vibration will bring you everything you desire, plus some.

I get it.

It's your choice to do the same shit day in and day out.

Wake up the same way, with the same thoughts, check your phone and remind yourself of who you were in the past, run through the daily tasks in your head, hang out with the same people, go to the same restaurant. 

Side note - don't even try and talk to me in the mornings until I've finished my 3 hour morning ritual- not even kidding, I'm talking about the unconscious routines & habits.

It's your choice not to change.

And it's also your choice to change, it doesn't just happen.

Yes, things can happen, we change jobs, break up with a partner, get a new partner, inherit millions of dollars, go on holiday. We might feel like our life has shifted like we are a brighter version of ourselves. But it wears off because your shitiness wasn't about any of that, it was about how you felt about yourself & about the world.

I'm not saying a positive environment doesn't help, it absolutely does, but it's not enough.

You actually need to decide to welcome in the uncertain. 

Imagine something unexpected happening in your day and rather than being annoyed at it, you could welcome it, the possibility for today to be different from the other 100,000,000,000 days you've stuck to your schedule and routine. And instead of being totally appalled when your Mum calls you when you're looking through your Facebook feed you feel love & gratitude (I never said it was easy ;p)

Let's just take a moment to feel into the phenomena of life, the phenomena of you, and all that's around you. Here you are in this body having a human experience. Throw your coffee if you will (it's terrible for you anyway), I feel a sermon coming on.

You are a spiritual being, whether you want to believe it or not, you know deep down that you are more than a bag of bones with a robotic operating system.

Quantum physics is now telling us this, science is now the current day mysticism, yay! Now we can actually have some proof for the pessimistic analytical types who believe we are just here by pure luck and that life is a depressing struggle and we must protect ourselves from all the horrors.

It, of course, is true that one day we will likely all die, I say likely for those who believe they will reach enlightenment or immortality in this life (call me if that's you, I pay to top $$).

You will NOT be remembered, even Kim K's ass will be forgotten in 50 years.

What if you chose to feel free and peace by that thought rather than sadness?

That you might as well stop waiting for something to happen and MAKE something happen, to live, to experience, because all the shit your afraid of doesn't matter, you're not going to be on your death bed and say "I'm so glad I spent all that time being a victim, complaining about life, trying to change my husband, hating on my boss and calling the phone company to get those extra charges removed from my account each month"

How would today be different if you decided to shift out of the habit of being you and shifted into the unknown?

If you decided to feel differently and change your thoughts about the homeless man begging on the street, about the people on the train, about yourself. What if instead of feeling sorry, trapped & annoyed you CHOSE to feel like today is that day that you open your eyes and fall in love with life.

Life is not meant to be a set routine, life is an unknown flow, life is more creative than any of us, surrender and let her create with you, don't live tomorrow again today, today gets to be your greatest love.

PS - have you ever heard a sermon given in such style? Fuck being humble, that's actually the ego worrying about what others will think of us. We all get to speak highly of ourselves all the time.

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