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The 'I've got this shit' threshold

To enjoy life itself, to create solid relationships, to build income streams, to shape your body into being healthy & fit, to be an artist that actually puts there stuff into the world you must have one main skill set....

It's not something you are born with.

It's something that you practice.

And we have opportunities every single day to practice this skill.

Every time you feel resistance, every time you feel uncomfortable, every time things don't go your way. This is an OPPORTUNITY to practice this skill.

But many people don't see it as an opportunity. They see it as life-giving them a difficult time, they see it as someone/the economy/the government ect fault. And the only way to 'fix' their life is for the external thing to change.

This is why most of us spend so much energy trying to control everything, so things run smoothly so that there is less chance of external events surprising us or going the way we DON'T want them to go. If we know exactly what will happen and we can control it all it will be smooth, then I won't feel uncomfortable and I'll be in peace, I'll be happy.

But the thing is this is just avoidance, it's not actually real peace & happiness. It's based on the pretence that everything stays perfect. And then when it's not you scurry around to rearrange it again.

If only I had more money so I knew that all the mortgage repayments could be covered for the year.

If only my partner cooked dinner more often.

If only I had a job that paid me X and I didn't have to do Y.

If only I had more time to work out.

If only ect

But all these experiences are an OPPORTUNITY to work on this one skill.

An opportunity to increase our ofthreshold of 'I've got this shit'.

We always have a choice. It's not what happens but how we relate.

And if we relate to it as an opportunity...

Then the threshold gets higher and higher.

Then the things that used to stress us out no longer bother us, we can think creatively & spaciously rather than in survival mode.

I think being a parent automatically increases your threshold of I don't know what's going on, what the plan is,but 'I've got this shit'.

That time when you were in debt $2,000 was actually practice for the time that your business needed a $2,000,000 cash injection. Now you have more space before you hit the 'OMG I can't think, I can't breathe, everything is fucked, I'm going to hide and watch a whole season of Californication (do people still watch that? I love that series!) and eat enchiladas in bed and not brush my teeth'.

I'm only speaking so knowingly because I know this feeling of wanting to hide. Of opting out.

I still sometimes catch myself wanting to do this, but less and less.

But if you used that time you were in debt as an opportunity to grow, to stay calm, to know that actually you are always ok. Now although the $2,000,000 required is a stretch you're like ok cool, this sucks, but I've got this, shit has gone down before, the worst thing that can happen is still actually ok. Now let's get creative. Then you pitch your ass off to investors.

I've had no money before. I know that even if I lose all my money I can build it back up.

I've run 100km before, I know that I can go for a 20min jog even though my mind & body is saying 'stay inside and eat Anzac cookies'. I know that I can stay up all night and do whatever needs to be done.

I've had no clients, no business revenue, no income at all, with bills and rent to pay. I made it happen.

I've had nowhere to live before at the same time I had no money, actually twice. I received from the generosity of others. I know that I'll always be safe.

Bring it on!! My threshold is solid.

Now it's like a fun game, how do I get to handle myself and this situation, let's pull a rabbit out of the hat. I get to see what I'm capable of.

Where in your life right now do you feel stressed? Is this an opportunity to turn it into a workout for the 'I've got this shit' threshold? Of course it is. Now brush your teeth, clean yourself up and get out there.

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