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The invitation to wake the f**k up

The average person is experience pain right now. Fear of the future and being out of control. Totally uncertain about what will happen next. Over the last week, I've had many people contact me about three 'events' let's call them, much more so than usual (the virus is obviously new). 1) Fear about the virus 2) Uncertainty over money flowing in 3) The end or potential end of a relationship Like a lot of people! I spend at least 1 hour each day responding to these. I believe that fear spreads and as empaths, we can catch it and allow it to enter into our psyche believing it is OUR fear, and that it's there to protect us, to kick our ass into problem-solving mode. The thing is, that fear is helpful when we have something chasing us, and you could say the virus is 'chasing' us if you're so inclined to think that way. Yes, take the necessary precautions if you must to ease the mind... But.... Firstly know the power of the mind is so strong and often if we are afraid we will attract that into our life. And on a physiological level high stress lowers the immune system. Importantly, the truth is we don't know what will come next. We don't know what will happen with the virus. You don't know what will be of your relationship. What your money flow will look like. But we do have a choice here. The first is to bare up the windows and blame the system, blame China,  see the world as broken & scary. Protect yourself and your family from everything around you, agree with what a terrible state the financial economy is in and talk about these 'events' to everyone you have conversations with. This is one way... this way leads to suffering, for you and those around you. The real virus here is fear. How easily did you let it get a hold of you? Did the toilet paper and hand sanitiser protect you? ;p The other way is faith, compassion and presence. These are characteristics not determined by the events of the world, of your income, even of your lover having an affair. To decide to embody the faith that everything will be as it should be, everything is as it should be and that life is happening for us not to us. How can I say that when people are falling to the ground? How can I say that when the market is crashing?... Yes the human in me certainly does not like to see people and the world suffering. But the most suffering I see is being caused by the average person's relationship to the events not the events themselves. We have a choice to see more than what we see. That is faith. We've been programmed to complain, to be scared, that others need to 'earn' our trust, and we easily catch the emotions of others and that which is fed to us. Grace is the anti-virus, to dance with life, to tread gracefully, to speak words of wisdom, to act with integrity. Presence is the proof that beauty & bliss is here with us always, to choose to see the beauty, the beauty in the ripples of a glass of water, to even hear the sound of god in the 'ding' of an elevator. Irrespective of what happens next, we get to choose how we relate to it. And isn't that the most powerful choice of all? But I can tell you what will happen next... We have seen this before... The financial market might fall further....then it will start to pick back up More people will get sick and die....then people will start to reduce their fear and see it like the flu. A new crisis will hit, remember the fires? remember Trump? remember Brexit? then people will get to feed their pattern with more proof that the world is a terrible and broken place unless we start to shift the way we relate. Let me put this virus into perspective for a moment on the same day that 108 people died in China... over 26,000 people died of cancer and 24,000 people died from heart disease... In one day!! That's been happening for decades. Everyday. Most people are not freaking out about getting cancer or heart disease? Perhaps it crosses their mind now and then. But the average person eats processed meats, wears toxic cosmetics, and lives in a low vibration state which manifests into these diseases. Let's get out of this victim mentality and become the heroes of our own lives. We have the very best doing the very best they can to problem solve, the best we can do is to take responsibility for how we relate to the world and others. We don't know if we will get sick, lose all our money, be alone, but it isn't actually important, it's who we become, who we decide to be, not what happens to us. Even death itself is beautiful if we allow it to be. We are not victims, we are divine beings. We are miracles, science cannot explain how we exist, how we are having this experience, who even is having this experience? Who is reading this? And who is observing the thoughts from this? The question is not what will happen next. The question is when will we wake up and step into grace, compassion and raise the collective consciousness?

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