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The lens we look at money through

How we treat money is a representation of how we treat anything in life.

Money is a relationship, not a 'thing'.

It only has the characteristics & the colours that you see it having.

It is nothing without our relationship to it. It does not exist without us.

You can make it mean whatever you make it mean.

Just like when you look at a piece of art you create meaning out of it, and that meaning maybe incredibly different from what the person next to you makes of it.

The way you see things may or may not be supporting your freedom.

These are all just our own perspectives and we rarely see the true nature of it.

We see colours.

When all of the colours come together that's when it becomes clear, when we can see it all.

The perception we have about money is one side of coin, they are all true, but only a slice of the truth.

It's all an AND not an OR based on our own reading of it.

In its pure form money is not solid, it's not something we can own, it is purely a construct of value that has incarnated into the physical form as the cash in our wallet and numbers in our bank account.

It's something we have created as an exchange for what we require and desire to be in this physical world. These things themselves have also been given a 'value' created purely from our energetic construct.

The idea of expensive or cheap is relative to the colour you look at the world with, and depending on the field you're in will depend on your relationship to the value of things and money itself.

Money is brought into the physical from energy.

In its truth it cannot be limited since energy is not limited.

But in one slice of 'truth' it can appear limited if that is the perspective you have, that is the world you will see.

A question we pose in the School of Money is what lens are you looking at money from? You only need to look at your reality and your money 'doubts & problems' to see the physical incarnation of the filter.

School of Money is now open for self-study with support from me along the way.

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