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The Lost Art of Being a Queen

I remember listening to a content 'expert' on how to launch a program or a service.

She (like many other experts) said you should plan out your content so it leads to the product or service, and make sure the content is directly connected to what you're selling.

Oh, and it's best to plan it all in one go and then schedule it over the week/month/year.

How structured, and how boring!

You lose the essence of the excitement & the energy.

My god, you might as well be working as a financial advisor on Collins St ;p if you want to create boring cosmetic manipulative crap.

You don't need to scheme to grow your audience.

Side note, if you feel called to create all your content in one go, then absolutely do that, but out of inspiration, not manipulation.

Tap into the essence of the Queen, not the worker bee. 

The Queen knows how to flow, she shares what's on her mind and takes action on it DAILY, she trusts her intuition. 

She moves on when she gets it 'wrong', she doesn't sit in her chamber afraid to say or do the wrong thing. She shows up.

She embodies who she is. 

She is strong, she is gentle, she is the feminine mixed with the empowered masculine who is grounded and present.

Create inflow, allow a message to come through rather than trying to ring one out in the name of results.

In my new program FEMPIRE, we are going to embody the Queen archetype to launch your message into a Queendom. Details to come very soon. xxx

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