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The moon is at your fingertips

When John Kennedy asked Werner Von Braun what it would take to build a rocket that would carry a man to the moon and return him to earth alive & well, his answer was simple..... "The will to do it." The will to do so is the vision & the commitment to that vision... To do it every day...when it doesn't work out, to do it again... You only need to win once to doesn't matter if you've tried 999999 times before that... That's what the great inventors do, 99.9999% of their time is spent not getting the result, and then booom they hit it and they only need to hit it once to change everything... Most people think it's a failure if it doesn't work, they try a few more times, take it personally, get impatient, and then say it's too hard or I'm not good enough, and they drop the vision.... When the vision was actually on the fishing line, being reeled in, but they just dropped it and went after something else shiny... Never actually reeling in anything... By declaring the vision, the vision automatically gets attached to the hook... You just got to keep on pulling it in, even when the line gets tight & it resists...actually that's when you really pull it in... But most people think the resistance is it not working.......then they start to think about all the reasons it's not doing this they cast out lines for the possibility of it 'not working'...then they have opposing possibilities all getting pulled in at once, it's too much, they get distracted, throw their hands up in the air and drop the line...the vision floats away And that's how people end up finding themselves living a life that doesn't feel like their's, that feels a little grey, that feels a little disappointing...because they've dropped all the lines... Most people will say I don't have the money for that, I don't have the time for that...and they don't realise that first you decide...then the money & the time is magnetised... It's like when people have kids, the time just opens up...I'm not saying it's not total chaos...but you just decide that feeding them & bathing them is important and it just gets done...because it's a non-negotiable... Decide that your visions are a that damn rocket, it might crash every day, but you build it again... You don't do it because it's easy, you do it because it's a challenge, because that will serve to measure and bring out those parts of yourself you didn't even know you had, so you can impress yourself, so you can dig deep into the infinite well of you-ness. Will is not about just pushing through, it's about committing to being you, committing to the processes that will unfold you, and that process is the vision. PS- Only another 48 hours to get into Automatic Money Bags for 48 hours, we are week 5 through the program...and it's friggen amazing... There are already huge results that have come through: - Clarity on financial vision & goals (we have a very structured process to break this down) - A process for understanding down to the dollar where money is going - A cash flow automation process that means every goal that's important is seen & fed - Understand when debt can actually be effective & how to manage it - When to never ever use debt This is just what we've moved through so far...we will get to growing wealth, choosing retirement funds, covering your income, understanding estate planning & what you should have in way more! And it's all super easy to understand & super-practical... Here is what some people are saying: "OMG Freya I'm so grateful for you and this program, I've just had $3,000 come into my account over the last few days" and then we had a conversation on where best to allocate it.... "I have so much clarity around my spending & where my money has been going! I've just saved hundreds of dollars by doing the cash flow exercise because I realised I was paying for stuff I don't even use anymore" "I've been pilled with debt that I've been afraid to look at, now I feel confident in looking at it and knocking it off"   The doors are closing again in less than 48 hours.... You'll be able to access the first 5 weeks right away and you'll get access to me through (something that you don't get as a self-study program) plus you'll also get a business money management masterclass, money mindset program, pre-work, plus a bonus $199 off . Use the code BAGS as checkout click here. This is such an epic program to master your money, this is what we would charge $10,000 for per year, but I'm teaching you how to do it all yourself, for much much less than that.

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