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The perfect plan when it all seems shaky AF

We don't need permission to be who we know that we are. While it's great to have the support of others, you do not need them & you do not need to convince them in order for you to carve out your path. There will always be judgment from others, particularly people who care about you, because they want to keep you safe, and safe is well....often not in conjunction with expansion. You do not need to ask permission from others to go after it. It's safe to say no to them. BUT do not try and convince them, they have a right to the life they want, they have a right to their own beliefs & opinions. Just like it's super annoying & feels like pressure when someone puts their own ideas of what you should do onto you, trying to convince others is exactly the same thing. I notice when people are on the path of awakening & are following their dreams. They want the people around them to do the same, to see what they see, they want them on the journey with them. But your journey is no more divine or truthful than someone who seems 'stuck'. It is disempowering & patronising to 'try' to 'help' them. It's not your story & it's not your lane. The greatest chance you have is to inspire others around you by you focusing on your lane, not by trying to convince them. This is an energy drain, it takes your focus away from your path, then you're also no longer in alignment. Let me repeat this because it's so important. You do not need permission. Not from your husband, not from your children, not from your friends, not from the 'experts' not even from god. Although god/source, of course, is always giving you permission in any lane you choose to be in, you can do no wrong. Stop using your energy to convince others, stop telling the same story in order to get confirmation. Own it, be it, decide that this is what you are doing and that's that. Every time you speak in question marks about your own self, looking for affirmation, you are looking for something outside of yourself, you are no longer stepping into the you that you know you are, instead you are creating all this space & putting this you up on a pedestal somewhere far away. You don't need to convince others to understand your path because you're afraid to walk it alone. You have all the resourcefulness & courage to walk it alone, even when it's dark. Keep your head high, keep moving forward. PS- On Thursday I'll be giving $99 off Invest Like a Queen in case you missed the special launch offer. Pop it in your diaries, I'll send out the discount code on Thursday. This program is financial investment 101, you'll know exactly how to create & manage your own investment portfolio for the rest of your life. Find out more here.

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