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The things I wish I knew when I started my business

The things I wish I innerstood when I first started my business that would have made making the money and saying the things that much easier. That I don't need to be anything other than who I am. I wish I didn't look to people who were more 'ahead' than I was and allow myself to feel 'behind'. I wish I didn't think that I had far to go before I could actually have a 'real' business. I honestly felt like a small girl playing dress-up. I still feel like this sometimes! I wish I knew that people hire me because of me because. That they resonate with me because they see part of them in me. I wish I knew that they hire me for me to share my experiences NOT to give them advice or give them the answer. I wish I knew not to take things so personally. I'm super sensitive deep down, every nasty word, or even a look could literally feel like a stab in my heart. I wish I didn't spend days obsessing over criticism and question my entire worth based on someone else's opinion. I wish I knew to keep my blinkers on and not take anything personally. I wish I knew I already had everything I needed to pay myself a fair amount. I wish I didn't come out of the gate undercharging because I felt like I didn't know enough yet. I wish I didn't hold myself back and disregard my own worth. I wish I knew that I didn't need to have my ducks in a row and my shit organised in order to have a 'successful' business. I wish I knew that chaos and hack jobbing things are actually very effective, more so than planning, strategising & perfecting. I wish knew to take action before I felt ready. I wish I believed it when my mentors with multi-million dollar businesses told me they still did things on the fly and still didn't really know what they were doing even years down the track. I wish I'd remember these things now, I'm still constantly reminding myself and asking my mentors to remind me. I wish I knew I didn't need to work longer hours or work harder to make 10* the amount. I wish I knew that working with clients got to be fun and enjoyable straight up. I wish I knew that I'd actually make more money by living my life and doing non-business things. If you resonate with any of this reach out to me, I can help you make money sooner by making life easier & more enjoyable. I've just opened up 2 spots for 6 months one-on-one, $10,000 investment, payment plans available. Send me a message here and we can have a chat if this calls to you.

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