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  • Freya Savage

The Tools Are Not You

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Before you do another ritual consider this.

Practices, tools, and knowledge is made for us.

We are not made for it.

Your morning routine. Sleep. Astrology. Gene keys. Meditation. Yoga. Your profession. Athletics. Your child. Your partner. Food. Money.

You were not made for these things.

They are not designed to hold you in bondage. But they will if you act as if they are your North Star.

All these things were made FOR you.

Everything in this world was made for you.

Don't confuse superstitions, obligations, and teachings with being your all-knowing. You already have that inside of you. These things can be used as a vehicle, but they do not carry your true roadmap, only your soul does.

If you use something outside of yourself to honour, to create rituals for, to open gates & doors for yourself. You can get lost. But if you use these tools as an expression and a motif for something inside of you, you can be found.

Many women honour the moon. The full moon is where you celebrate and reflect. The new moon is where you plant seeds.

But do you really know the moon? Do you really know what you are worshipping?

I always felt uncomfortable with moon worshipping, as with Reiki, and astrology.

I don't doubt that these practices work, in fact I know they are powerful, and that is all the more reason I avoid them.

These are very complex & comprehensive systems, there is much that the average person does not really understand, and even that the master does not understand.

I believe these can be a distraction, and in some cases blinding and soul-sucking, the true result is hidden from humans.

We go along with these rituals believing it is for our benefit, when in fact the bondage is being tightened by a force we cannot see.

But if you are awake you can feel it.

Recently I came to hear about the Inverse Moon Matrix, search it if you dare. A theory that essentially says the moon was purposely put there to control us.

Gurdjieff said, "The Moon is actually a fragment of this Earth, which must now constantly maintain the Moon’s existence. Everything living on the Earth, people, animals, plants, is food for the Moon. The Moon is a huge living being feeding upon all that lives and grows on the Earth." Creepy.

Plato also adhered to something similar speaking of the parasitical grips of the moon on humans.

I could really pull out any of the items I listed above and write about my perspective and occult views you may not have considered before.

There is no need to be afraid of the moon, or Reptilians, or the COVID vaccine, or deep-fried chicken nuggets.

If you keep your body and mind are strong, practice seeing the beauty in everything, stay awake, you will be impervious to the malevolent vibrations.

It’s not that the physical body will not deteriorate (although aging is a disease rather than anything to do with age), but you will remember the soul is infinite and cannot be harmed. When you know that, you know that there is nothing to fear.

Simply by remembering who you are, using knowledge discerningly & actually noticing how it digests within you will tell you all you need to know.

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