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The universe will never limit us, but the mind will

Being financially rich is the least important than all the other aspects of richness.

I'm not saying it's not important, I'm not saying that I don't aim for it, I absolutely do!

But it was very easy for me to believe that this was the most important thing when I felt like I wasn't financially rich.

It was like nothing at all mattered other than this. I thought if I was financially rich than all my fears & problems would dissipate.

I actually tell myself and others to go after the thing they will think will solve everything, because they'll realise actually that's not it.

The aspect that is the most important is freedom.

We attach 'things' to the feeling of freedom, but it's not the things that give us freedom.

If we can tap into the feeling itself we bypass the need for any of the things.

Because the truth is there are people who are financially rich but not fulfilled, and that's one of the biggest tragedies.

To have success but to still feel empty & lost is much scarier than never reaching the goal.

I would sometimes feel like this after a race. I'd train my ass off, become totally obsessed about it, win it and then feel a depression-like 'is that it?'.

It wasn't because I was doing the wrong thing, or had the wrong goals, it was because I was attaching my feeling of fulfilment, success & freedom on to an outcome.

And of course, no outcome can give us what we want to feel, maybe for a short period of time, but the law of familiarity comes in and rubs off the shiny new coat pretty quickly and we are left feeling empty and so we look to the next thing.

This is what the mind can do. Literally rob us of our joy, freedom & success.

The universe will never limit us, but the mind will.

This is where the richness of being connected to our soul or call it spirituality comes into play.

This is the difference between doing faith or doing fear.

And I say doing because fear & faith is not something we feel, it's something we do, notice the reaction in the body, it's a doing.

They are both made of exactly the same stuff- imagination about the future & how we relate to it.

It's a choice. It's a practice.

Richness is not something that happens to us, it's something that we choose.

The great thing is that we don't need to choose which richness to encompass, the universe wants us to be both spiritually rich & financially rich.

They are both made of the same stuff, faith.

Faith that we are free to be who we are, that when we connect in with ourself when we show up, when we act from integrity, life works with us.

Knowing who we are is much deeper than knowing likes & dislikes, this is a knowing of our own divinity & power, of seeing that everything in the world are fragments of us and we are fragments of it, it's an acceptance to see everything as a whole, to release the resistance.

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