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There are so many ways to make money

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

how to make money and what to do
How to Make Money

There are so many ways to make money.

There is a guy on YouTube who eats really big burgers, sends his subscribers to a membership site where they have the option to pay him...and they get extra content...of him eating more really big burgers.

He makes over $100,000 a month.

So if you're concerned that no one will pay you for whatever you're interested in. I'm here to remind you that they will.

If you're concerned you need to be more put together, more strategic, have better quality lighting, have a more precise message. You don't.

They can all be good to have, but are often a distraction.

One of my mentors makes a million dollars a month, she records all her videos on her phone and has no sales pages and no direct website.

A million dollars a month. I know I keep repeating these figures, these are impressive numbers, especially for people who are making up their own rules.

But there are three keys both of these people use, and I use them in my own business.

These keys are required no matter who you are. no matter what your message. If you want to make great money online with soul as the wind in your sails you need these keys.

I'll be running a free 3 day masterclass starting on Wednesday the 18th. Each day I will share 1 key.

Any door that is locked, one of these keys will open it.

To receive the three keys join the Telegram chat here

Only those who are in the chat will receive the masterclass details.

PS- I’ve loved all of the sessions I’ve had with those who’ve booked in for a free one-on-one ascension power session with me!

I’ll be closing this offer off for now from Friday COB, you still have 3 days to book in with me, you can book in for the future as long as do the booking before the close time. These sessions are to support you in wealth and perfect creative expression. The link to book in is

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