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There is no 'balance' or 'segmented wheel of life' when operating from soul

There are no 'separate areas' of life, it's all one playground. There are actually no segements when being totally directed by soul. There is no 'balance' because there is nothing to balance. It's not a compromise, of Health or Money. Spirituality or material things. Play or Work. There is no wheel of life that is convinantly segregated into different blocks. When being directed from soul there is only that one thing in the present moment, that's it, and that's all that you need to be doing. The word balance suggests pulling back in something to feed something else. When in the highest expression of ourselves where life moves through us there is none of that. We don't have to 'balance' ourselves out. It doesn't mean that we don't excercise, eat high vibe food, do our purpose work, be in releationship with others. But what it does mean is that we get to take the pressure off when it has to happen and how it looks. We leave ourselves open to be lead in the moment. This is when you no longer need to push yourself to go to the gym, or sit down and write, because it is just directed to you naturally exactly when it's the time. BUT It creates seeing through the BS stories, through the 'it's not the right time', most people opperate on the frequency where they chain themselves to certain patterns, and those patterns have served them well. They have made money, they have made progress with fitness, they have sort-of deep releationships. But none of it is really truely abundant, truely in it's full expression, because they believe they have to make sacrfice in order to get there, they need to give something up. While saying NO is imperative when stepping into the full expression of self, the full expression of the highest self, it's only about saying no to what is not a turn-on in the moment. It's not about saying no to certain 'areas of life' to fill up others. You will naturally feel the full dance of life when acting from this place, you're skin will clear up, money will flood into your bank account, you'll have endless bounds of energy, you will feel life ravishing you (in the best way). You don't need to think so much, plan so much, worry so much that you don't have 'this area' or 'that area' sorted out. That's some bullshit you've been conditioned by 'life coaches' who told you you need to have more 'balance', don't be so 'exstreme', 'be more gentle with yourself', 'go slowly'. You don't have to have shit or do shit, maybe you never get the call to be in a romatic releationship or have kids- there is nothing wrong with you! It's your own roadmap. Maybe you want to make a fuck load of money and pour your energy into creating, you don't have to spend more time with your family or partner because that's what you think you should do. I would say being having money, being healthy and having solid people in life makes for a cleaner vessel. But actually that's just a byproduct of focusing on your own direction in the moment, you don't need to 'try' and make these things happen. They will invite you naturally. But like I said if you're used to acting from a lower energy of pushing, shoulding, fixing, then accessing the true voice of soul will take a total shift in your being, because the lower self (which is not really lower but I'll just use the term for now) can pose as this voice. How to know which voice it is? The one that focused on the stakes, on what you could loose, so the action is fuelled from a place of scarcity. I need to go to the gym otherwise I'll get fat, I need to call this person because they've been waiting too long already, I need to sell to this person otherwise I won't make any money. That's the small voice that leads most people and is always saying your behind, you need to do more, you need to be more balanced. While soul may also kick you in the ass every now and again, it's a different tone. Soul knows you are not broken and that you can access everything right now in this moment because it's all here, there are no segments.

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