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They hide & we seek

They hide and you seek. Right now it's very clear to see who is a leader and who is perpetuating fear and panic. It's responsible to be prepared and informed, but we are totally missing life itself to be obsessed with that which we cannot control. Check updates every hour, talk about it in every conversation, future predicting, imagine worse case scenarios. Stop, just stop. When things are uncertain, which is actually always, now the uncertainty is more obvious. The people who worked in the trade centre thought they had certainty. And it all changed in a moment. Certainty is a falsity. The universe is ever-changing, that's the only certainty. Resistance and the urge to pull things into the line we believe they should be, means we miss the moment, we miss the opportunity to find bliss irrespective of the events. Breath. In this moment we have everything we need. We are always supported even in the chaos we can always find peace and presence if we allow it. Right now I have heat rash... I don't know what scenario you thought I was talking about above, but I was referring to the heat rash clearly ;p It's incredibly uncomfortable, I've never had it before, they also call it prickle rash and I can see why I have to check that I'm not pressed up against a cactus bush. I notice this urge to google obsessively the same questions 'how long does heat rash last?' 'home remedies for heat rash?', looking for some way to make it stop and distract myself. I catch myself. Stop. What would it mean to be present right now? What do the body and soul need right now? Certainly not scrolling trying to alleviate my pain. The most prominent pain of all is the one of avoidance, avoiding where I'm at, how I'm feeling, trying to wiggle my way out of it. But it doesn't work like that. We get to be present even when it's uncomfortable, for even underneath the senses that are screaming, there is peace, there is calmness, there is bliss. When everyone else is running away, we get to seek within ourselves, we get to use this time to do the things that we know will elevate us. That course you've been wanting to take, the fast you've been wanting to do, the exercise program you've been wanting to do, now is the time to check in with yourself, to stop avoiding and to stop allowing the panic of it all wash your days away,  to ask body and soul what would you have me do today?

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