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  • Freya Savage

Think you need 'clarity'? It's distraction

I remember sitting in a cafe in Melbourne a few years ago waiting for a friend and listening to two women agonise over the perfect logo for a health coaching business.

4 plates of food, 2 kombucha's and 2 hours of deep spiritual connecting (which may or may not have been gossiping about hilarious dates we've had) with my gal pal, we were getting the bill and the two ladies were still trying to decide if the logo should be a triangle with 2 lines or 1 line.

I see this all the time.

Guys your logo, your website, even your business plan, it really doesn't fucking matter, you're actually wasting your time obsessing about it.

The difference I see between those who succeed and make money out of the gate & continue to do so is moving the needle, being able to get it done & get it out there without it needing to be perfect.

The inner guide knows exactly what is perfect anyway, just ask it, it will tell you.

For god sake don't go to someone to do your branding, don't go spending thousands on your website, or weeks on end on creating images & logos. Just hack job it and get to what's important, your message and your energy.

Show up as you, give value, make offers.

The other stuff is just fluff.

Yes having fancy websites, backends, facebook ads is a nice add on. BUT it's not the silver bullet. It's not what you need to get from A to B.

It's just getting into the trenches and hack jobbing it. Being potent with your messaging and with your energy.

One of my mentors doesn't even have a website, or a facebook page, or Instagram. Yet people just find her. I literally had stumbled across her listening to an old masterclass where she was being interviewed, it took me a lot of effort to find her contact details, but I searched for it and I made it happen because I knew I wanted to work with her.

That's what happens when you live & breath your message, your pull is strong, it's beyond the physical.

The big brands are not popular because they got the colours or names right. There is a pizza place in Cambodia called Nike, it doesn't make billions of dollars a year because it also has the name Nike.

It's the movement, it's momentum, it's the essence.

Stop talking about it and obsessing over the details and just get out there.

I don't have an 'avatar' client...why? Because I focus on my art, on what I do, what I want to do, and the people will find me.

I'm not going to change how I show up in order to get a following and sales.

I'm going to show up because that means me going to bed each night saying to myself 'today was an awesome day because I did the things that were aligned to me'...if that means hanging at the waterfall all day then that's perfect.

The audience, the sales, the money, is a byproduct.

From my own experience and working with my clients my observation is that in fact the more you focus on your art, on getting on with the show, the more money you make.

I watched Anna Wintours masterclass and she said something like 'at Vogue we don't focus on speaking to our audience, yes we know who they are because of the data, but we don't cater for them, we just focus on what is coming through us and share that'.

Apple is not like 'our audience is a 44 year old male who lives in Sydney, he likes cat and tacos'...NO

They just make what they want to make...

And guys the logo and the website is not the service or the product, that's often the distraction. The business plan also is not the service or the product.

It's you.

So stop distracting yourself by telling yourself... 'I just need to organise (plan/get clear) first'.... it's a trap.... just show the fuck up as you and make an offer that's exciting to you because that's what you want to share it.

That's all you need to do to bring in as much money as you decide.

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