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This chocolate frostie makes me money

Giving myself a reward after completing something that I count as a win is so powerful at retraining the brain to associate that action with making life better... then boom that thing becomes a habit and a new normal.

One of my favourite rewards is this frozen banana, cocoa and coconut cream chocolate frostie topped with vegan brownie (pic above). But my rewards range in all prices. When I finished 21 days of fasting I bought myself an $800 bracelet from John Hardy and I booked a business class ticket as a reward when I hit my monthly income target.

I've got to be honest I'll reward myself just for being me, even if there is nothing obviously tangible to count as a win, I'll find something. I mean shit the sperm that I was born from came first out of the 200 million other little sperms. That counts for 200 million chocolate frosties.

But it does that much better after I've completed something that I get a sense of achievement from. While the sense of achievement itself is juicy there is something powerful in actually taking a moment to acknowledge it.

If you lay down on yoga mat, it feels pretty shit.

BUT after a hot yoga class OMG is there anything better? That mat and hard floor just transformed into a crib made of fluffy clouds with labrador puppies.

When I taught yoga I was mortified when one of my students left before savasana. It reminded me how you do anything is how you do everything. Do you rush to the next thing without even letting yourself enjoy the fruits of your labour?

While it's super powerful to be connected to your future self and to be focused on where you are going. But let's not get to serious about it all, there is all this joy to be had right now and so much you've already accomplished.

Last year while climbing Kilimanjaro it was easy to be so focused on the next checkpoint, Chris would often remind me 'look at this' 'look at that' and in those moments where I stopped to really take it in, that's what I have ingrained in my memory & I'm so grateful for being reminded to take it all in right now.

If we are constantly telling ourself we are not where we need to be we won't have the fuel to keep going.

When we reward ourself for the smalls wins, this trains ourself to do it again.

It doesn't need to be monetary, it can literally be a compliment to ourself.

But here is where the mind gets a little tricky.

Giving rewards works for creating new habits is one of the best way to ingrain them, and to do it just because life is fucking amazing & you get to enjoy it.

BUT neuroscience tells us to keep the subconscious interested once we associate the behaviour with the reward we need to shake it up. We do this by not rewarding all the time.

To be honest I don't think about it that much. I just give myself the reward when I want it because I love myself and I love to indulge.

Count the small wins, whatever they are. Don't compare them to someone elses wins.

Because that's the kind of person you decide you are, you decide you are the person that gets to enjoy & play with life, that notices the beauty & power in yourself which is noticing it in the world.

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