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THIS IS A CRAZY LOW PRICE, As Crazy As My Crazy Bengal Cat Goji >>> Full Power Plant VITALITY

My kind-of-live/ kind-of self-study courses normally run around the $599 mark and up to $899, but I've had a crazy Bengal cat call to drop Full Power by $400 for 3 days before we close the door on the 17th to access this course at all. 

This is a program re-launch, that means that I'll be there to answer questions & provide feedback on your ah-ha moments and weekly home play.

6 weeks with me to connect in with your MEGA vitality & health using plants.


You get to live in a body that feels fucking free, that feels alive. Not some sleepy, floppy, old banana body just flopping around.

To do extraordinary things, you need a machine that is ALIVE!

I would often look at the middle-aged overweight floppy men that I worked with in corporate, I'd see them work like total bad-asses, I'd think FUCK imagine if they had a body that supported them. Imagine what they could do?? 

Imagine what you could do.

If you weren't tired.

If you weren't EVER sick.

If you weren't creaking like an old door.

If you felt fucking amazing, energised & awake


It's possible. 


6 weeks with me to connect in with your MEGA vitality & health using plants.

6 weeks of training, plus homeplay, plus support from ME!

This content will revolutionize the way you eat, the way you think, the way you feel.


Full Power was originally $899, now only $499 for early bird re-launch! That's $400 OFF the original price! WTF.

I've paid 10's of thousands of $$$$$ dollars to study plant-based nutrition and attend programs and courses. Trained as an athlete and dedicated over 4000 hours to study nutrition & health. Now I'm giving you the best parts, all the important parts, for only a few hundred dollars!

Here is just some of what we will be working through:

Aging is a disease how we can slow it down if not reverse it (yep disease NOT CONDITION)

The science behind the most popular diets

The power of the micro bioms & how to get them on your team

Sugar & carbs how do they actually impact us?

How to fast safely & effectively

How to heal illnesses & sickness (herbalism)

Superfoods for optimum health

Why your probably not getting any nutrients from the way you eat and how to use simple teaching to absorb all that you need

Healthy gets to be easy by using our simple system

Practical application of nutrition to optimize your life

F**k diets, instead chose health, fun, and a high vibe lifestyle

Clear & focused mind so you can excel at everything you do!

Here is what you will get:

6-Weeks of training (Valued at $1800)

Weekly homeplay ($299)

Support with your questions/feedback ($639)


Pics from my own food & exercise diary

- and much, MUCH more…


Here is what people are saying about this program:

"Freya you are my plant-based Yoda. You have taught me well, I now always check the ingredients. You've changed the way I think about food & the actions that I take. I would often notice inflammation at night & I would get sores on my scalp. Now I don't have a problem with either. Thank you"

"An insightful introduction to my vegan journey – and life-changing for me. Freya interweaved her own life experiences as a vegan into her classes and I really appreciated her brutal honesty in the fallacies of vegan eating. Freya’s passion, enthusiasm, and experience clearly shows in her presentations and explains topics in layman terms that trigger you to investigate even more in your own time. Freya doesn't try to convince you to be plant-based but gives you a logical and sometimes medical explanation of how things work - it just makes sense. You make your own decisions. I also appreciated Freya's support and detailed answers to any questions - however trivial. I would recommend this course for anybody considering or just curious about plant-based eating. There is a lot to digest - pun intended :-) I look forward to working with Freya again !"

"You've created a monster, in the best way, I now read all the labels and know exactly what my body ACTUALLY wants, thank you"

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