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This is how you make money

The first month of my business I had no platform, no sales funnels, I didn't even have any offers or information on my website, I didn't have a program detailed out in my head let alone a sales page, yet I made close to $10,000 in my first month.

Mind you about $3,000 of that was a commission from another role. And I've had plenty of months where I haven't had anything close to that coming in.

But the point is not that my income has been lumpy AF, but that I didn't have anything that most people think they need to make money.

I didn't have any facebook ads, no relevant website, no written offers, not even a payment platform. Nothing!

I literally made that by having 2 conversations, one of them wanted financial clarity & a roadmap, the other one wanted to increase her income through her businesses. I could help with both.

I didn't even do a sales call, it was literally through emails, there was no objection handling, no convincing, I just told them the price and they said yes, then I sent them an invoice with my bank details.

That's all I did...

I see people getting totally loss about how to make money...

It's not about having the fancy platforms, or about having the perfect system, it's just having conversations & making an offer. Shit you don't even have to have conversations, but you do have to make an offer.

How do you make an offer?

Share your content, your wisdom, your knowledge, share your best stuff.

If someone reaches out to you have a conversation with them, listen to them, if you can help them make them an offer.

It's actually very simple.

While I do have automation set up & I'm in the process of setting up funnels & tracking to do ads, it's not necessary.

You don't even have to have a program set up, I didn't.

I literally have an idea about a program and then I'll bang up a rough sales page, share it everyday for 1 week or 2, then do the program live so I don't even plan or prepare for it..

I see all of that as roadblocks, if there is a step between you and getting the offer out into the world, skip it.

By the time it's all be planned for and set up you're already drained AF and making it into a big thing.

Let it be simple.

Once I was working with this woman who was super structured, she was great at what she did, I loved her energy, but her strategy to sell was 'do a free program with 12 modules' then sell on the 12th module...I did that and it sucked, by the 3rd I had totally lost the momentum and was like I'm ready to sell now!!

Who the hell watches 12 free trainings anyway? Fuck not me, if it's a 3 part series it would be rare for me to even finish the 1st one, not because it's not good, but because I'm not invested.

If you're ready to make an offer just straight up make the offer. 12 part series OMG?? No...

Take the action that puts the offer into the world first and work the rest out later, that's how you fucking make money.

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