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Transform the ickiness into creativity & abundance

I have an important message for you. There is NOTHING wrong with you. Actually quite the opposite, you are a mega big-hearted light beam of love and value. There is nothing you've done wrong. You did the best you could with what you knew and what you felt at the time. Stop beating yourself up. It's all perfect and divine. It might not make sense right now but it will. You don't need to punish yourself to have what you desire and be free of any suffering. Actually I can tell you that for sure doesn't work, I've been there, and I still go there sometimes. So what do you need to do then? To get from where you are to where you desire to be? To be at peace, to have total freedom? This is the most simple and effective way.... You look at the gap, you look at what you believe is stopping you, you go into the feeling, this is the subconscious & the body. You don't shove it under the rug and get on with it because it will rise back up, that's where road rage and yelling at the waiter is fuelled from. Don't be that person. You go in, you see it, you don't judge it, you love it with that big heart of yours! You don't blame anyone else, you don't try and reorganise your life, you don't bitch and complain. You just allow it to be there and love it hard like a newborn baby (whose not crying or shitting ;p). You surrender to it, and then something magical happens. It will transform, maybe not the first time, maybe not even the 10th time, but if you keep doing the work it will transform. I can't tell you when, but I can tell you it will happen. Sometimes when we feel like it's not working, we give up, throw in the towel. But I'm here to tell you, keep going, be patient, don't focus on the results, surrender to what is, allow the space for presence to enter in- this is a little sneaky because it actually brings the results in faster. It can transform into something beautiful & creative. Then you're a magnet for what you desire. Yes you still need to take action and do the things, but this needs to come first, you must be taking action from this place, a place of trust, a place of wholeness. It is your nature to be joyful and at peace, you get to invite it in, you get to even feel this way about being scared, alone, and frantic. Imagine that? Feeling at peace about feeling these 'negative' emotions, then the vibration is never low, then, of course, you will attract what you desire. Have faith darling, everything is as it should be, the challenge will make you more resourceful, more resilient, and you get to open your heart even more, plus it makes for a good story. In fact, I find the people who tend to provide the greatest value are those that are obsessed with the 'thing' and are uncovering and moving through 'it' for themselves first, then as a byproduct, they share it with the world. All the great coaches were or are total nut jobs and emotional wrecks, they became great because they coached themselves first. See the light in the past and present, even if it's painful, there is always space and there is always growth in it. ALWAYS. Reprogrammed starts in just 2 days. I'll take you through the reprogramming to connect with your most magnetic self and shift your patterns to be a match for what you desire. Click here to sign up.

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