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A Love Letter to You

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

I feel like I should put a warning on this post. It’s very heartfelt and perhaps even dramatic, but hey that’s how I’m rolling right now.

PS- I'm having the most beautiful conversations right now since opening my calendar with really incredible women (and a few men). I'd love to nurture you, to open up the gates to bring more abundance, peace and pleasure into your being. It's been truely life giving for me to have these sessions. I often focus on using business as a vehicle to self-actualisation because that has been an incredible tool for me. If you'd like to book in for a free session you can do so here.

There are some things that we will not understand until it's our time to understand them.

In chaos and confusion, in fear and desperation, our neo-cortex comes in to problem solve, to understand, to find reasons, so then it can be cleared up and solved & we can create peace once again.

Chaos & facing adversity is part of the human condition.

The external chaos will continue for some time, there will be floods, fires & war. We are here right now at this time because that is our dharma, we have a roll to play in it all.

Maybe you know what your roll is, maybe you don't. It's actually irrelevant because it will play out either way.

It doesn't matter how well we pad our walls. How tall we build our piles of money. Or even how much we work on ourselves, there will be extreme chaos in this lifetime.

Peace in the external world is not available yet, it's not yet it's time.

So how can we handle the ongoing chaos & adversity? When naturally we crave homeostasis, comfort, security.

The mind comes in as an automation to save the day! To create peace again.

But most things we just won't even fully understand through comprehensive analysis and reason.

Science cannot yet answer the big questions, yet spirituality has been answering for ever.

I'm not sure that we will ever know intellectually, and can we find peace without knowing the reasons right now?

I know that forgiveness and love helps to find peace within, that it softens the obsession of 'needing to know'.

Whatever is going on in the world right now it's clear that it's murky & muddy.

It doesn't mean you shouldn't dig, definitely dig, because then you'll that that what you knew wasn't really the truth is for sure not the truth. The truth cannot be known right now. And that is the truth.

Right now there is such polarity, such a divide, and neither are the truth.

Because the truth is indisputable, we will all know it deep down, not from analysing but because the knowing will grace us.

There is so much that we cannot see, imagine if we only knew what we could see and what we could rationalise. We would be truely living as a one dimensional being. Like a chain full of cut out paper Men.

It's ok not to know the analytical answers. It's not that we should not seek, but I'm asking us to question our relationship to that seeking.

How much man power is spent on trying to answer questions and will they really bring us the absolute truth, wisdom, love and peace that we seek?

Because really that is what we are seeking.

Not the answers themselves.

This morning I woke up with so much shame. It's day 10 of detoxing in that period I had an intense intestinal cleanse where I released a bucket full of mucoid plaque (if you missed my stories and want to see the pictures send me a message I love to share them!) and yesterday I completed a liver cleanse.

Stored emotions come up strongly when detoxing.

The shame had a lot to say...

Shame that I've failed myself and others.

Shame that I cannot see the clear truth with what is happening in the world.

Shame that I cannot agree with the people who I love who are so sure.

Shame that there are people fighting this battle as I sit back still trying to figure out what the fuck is going on.

Then deep sadness that we have come to a place where we are being asked to take sides.

That we are defending ourselves. Blaming others for either being blind or dangerous conspiracy theorist. And this is not just happening between strangers but in homes with people who once felt love & tenderness for each other.

Sending links to each other, patronising each other, letting our bitterness attach on to another, blaming them 'you're the problem'.

It's not helpful, this is not critical thinking anymore, we are unable to think openly and critically when we have to hypothesis so much and when we make it personal.

Let's say what we want to say, and do it with love & compassion. Not with patronisation.

Let's open up our eyes and ears, and acknowledge each others pain, to see that the person in front of you is desperately trying to bring peace to their world because it feels like a war zone. They want love & peace too.

We have both come out with solutions based on rational thinking, and they might have taken us to different paths.

That's ok.

We all made contracts that we are unaware of and that's how it's playing out.

I know you care about others, I know you want them to be safe, well & healthy, but some people are not open for conversation and bulldozing them is not helpful. And in all honesty you don't really know your self.

So we have to trust that each person knows what's best for them, because they know for themselves more than anyone else does, perhaps it leads to sickness, even death, but that was the contract that they made, that was lifes plan. We cannot judge what outcome is best for another being, because we cannot see the whole picture.

We can certainly speak our knowing and maybe that lights a knowing in someone else, and maybe it lights defensiveness, either way is ok.

None of this is personal, you didn't do anything wrong, I didn't do anything wrong, it's just karma playing out and shame, anger & guilt gets wrapped up along the way because we think we didn't do a good enough job, and we want to be better humans and live in a better world.

I want that so badly. I want to be a better human. I want a better world for all of us.

The saviour will be forgiveness, to understand that everyone is doing the best they can even 'evil' can be traced back to deep wounds.

Not to forgive wrong-doings, because their was really never any wrong doings in the first place, which is where absolute forgiveness washes over us in grace.

When we invite forgiveness in to ourself and to the world, when we choose to see that this is life's narrative.

You're allowed to have your own sovereignty, you have a right to it, and we should fight for that, but do not impede personal attacks on others, don't make it personal, they too are trusting their knowing with the best of their abilities.

Because the facts are not clear, I don't care how sure you are, it's not the whole truth.

Trust your own internal guidance. Where does it directs you to. The truth will be born from love & wisdom.

Hold the vision for peace in the world, practice it at home with your family, practice it with yourself.

You're truely wonderful and are a gift to the world.

Knowing is not the answer to what we are looking for, it's ok not to know, you haven't failed (that one is for myself).

I love you.

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