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Want more money?

Want more money?

Of course you do.

Here are the two things necessary to allow more money into your life.

1) Rewrite your money beliefs, know them in your body, clean the energy with money & decide again and again.

2) Understand the practical foundations of how to manage money & how to grow money (long-term growth, not crypto!!).

Ohhh and most importantly LET GO of the outcome, because desperation will repel it along with anything else juicy in life.

Actually this is probably the most important part of it, to not make money matter, to know that you'll be ok without it.

This is where most people get caught. I get caught here too, but I have the training to pretty quickly notice it and DECIDE again that it doesn't matter.

While also DECIDING that being wealthy & always having more than enough is part of my identity.

It sounds totally contradictory, but it works together.

Kind of like vegemite and avocado. It sounds like a disaster, but it's the perfect combination on a piece of straight-out-of-the-oven-warm-soft-bread.

I've had moments of total debilitation & desperation around money. Working full time quietened it down because I had a solid stream of income coming in that could provide some relief for any 'future' thinking.

But then I realised how long I'd have to work in this for in order to be free to live life the way I wanted.

I built out a financial model like I'd often do for clients, but this time for myself, I calculated how much I'd need to invest & how long I'd need to invest for in order to retire myself from work.

I was 26 at the time.

If I was super diligent with money I could retire myself at 40. Not bad.

But just the idea of working in corporate for another 14 years killed me.

14 fucking years of sacrifice? No.

I decided that I wouldn't even sacrifice a day for the sake of an outcome.

That I only take action because it's what turns me on, then if the outcome comes that's just the cherry on top.

That I live my life like an art piece, not like a McDonalds production line.

I noticed that those where wealthy & lived as if they were wealthy. Because we have to have a distinction here, there are many people who are financially rich, but live a poor life in a general space of lack.

So the wealthy people who lived wealthy lives they all played. They played with life & money. They understood that money was easily available, that when it seems to run out, it will flow in again, they didn't hold on too tightly BUT

They also managed it well, they consistently invested, & they had a cash run-way.

They understood the difference between short-term & long-term.

They understood that investment is for long-term. This is not something you make a profit with & then sell down when you need the money. This is something you consistently contribute to, this is not there to get you rich quick, because they know that investments like these are for fools.

YES you crypto investors who think it's your golden ticket are short-term focused FOOLS.

Building wealth is forever. I tell you what is magic. Compound interest. But it's only for those who can zoom out, who can be consistant, who can be still. 99% of the people are just small children constantly changing direction being pulled all over the place.

Keep your feet on the ground people.

Cash is for short-term funding. Not investments.

Have enough cash built up so you're not needing to sell your investments, because then you never meet the power of compound interest. And when your back is up against a wall and you dip into your investments it might not be a 'good time' to sell.

Let me show you some math...math is fun...math is true.

Invest $100 per week in a boring simple share portfolio for 40 years...

That means you have invested $192,000 over those 40 years.


You you actually have $2,200,000!

And the power of compound interest.....

That's $2,000,000 you didn't need to do anything for!!!

That's using averages.

Now let's use an average for the way most people are doing it.

You take a crypto program, they teach you about candlestick strategies, it sounds legit, it makes you feel invest $4,000...

Let's say you invested at exactly the right time and you made 300% return this year.

Which is very impressive...clap, clap.

Now you have $12,000...

Now here is where my favourite statistic comes in... 90% of crypto traders overall loose money, 80% of active share market traders overall loose money....

And you are the average my small friend.

Now you have less than $4,000.

And you have accumulated no income from your investment, because it doesn't produce anything so it doesn't distribute profits.

At least when the share market falls those companies generally still paying out dividends, so it's kind of irrelevant what the value of the actually portfolio is when you're living off the income.

But don't be sad, there is still hope for you.

Learn the math, learn how averages work, understand money from people who have actually studied finance & have worked in finance (not from a 24 year old YouTuber).

Let go of the desperation for money, bring it money because it's an identity choice, follow your soul work, invest consistently and stop listening to your friends.

Math is fun. $2,000,000 is even more fun.

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